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GearUp2Go offers a complete line of UTV accessories. Whether you take your UTV mudding, drifting in the desert, across rocky terrain, through wooded trails or anywhere else, GearUp2Go has UTV accessories to compliment, upgrade or enhance your ride. We take pride in offering only top quality parts and accessories.  

When you shop with us, you know you're getting the best brands of side by side accessories with the best quality for long lasting durability.  We offer thousands of UTV accessories for virtually every UTV model on the market...Polaris Ranger Accessories, Polaris RZR Accessories, John Deere XUV, Can-Am Commander and much more!  Get your Windshields, Winches, Bumpers, Roofs, Gun Racks and more at GearUp2Go.com

Our site is a shop by model site, we want to create a great shopping experience by only showing you products that fit your machine...who cares about other peoples machine, we want to make your UTV fit your needs and lifestyle!  Here is how our shop by model process works:  UTV Accessory Shop by Model

Why are UTV's and UTV Accessories so popular?

There are many reasons that the popularity of UTV's has grown so quickly, but the strongest has been that people liked the idea of having an off-road vehicle for both recreation and for work. UTV’s are very productive and versatile vehicles. The versatility feature alone has made these machines stand out and create a growing and popular market for UTV accessories.

We've been a leading source of UTV accessories and products for a long time and we've been helping customers outfit their UTV's for just about every use you can imagine. From ranching, ice fishing, hunting, trail riding, gardening, plowing, and even to just take the grandkids for rides around the property. Everyone has different uses for their vehicles, thus they have different UTV products and side by side accessories needs. Let our experts help you compare and select the perfect UTV accessory for your side by side. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.   1.800.920.7574   M-F 8am - 6pm CST

Top 10 UTV Accessory Categories


Put your UTV to work plowing food plots and helping with other agricultural tasks with one of the high-quality Agriculture / Farming accessories from GearUp2Go! Whether its a big job or a small job, we've got the implements to help get the job done! Featuring top brands like Plotmaster, Best Outdoor Products, and Kolpin Powersports!


We've got the bumpers, guards and brush guards to protect your UTV from anything the trails can through at you! With a variety of options, such as front bumpers, rear bumpers, bed rails, radiator guards and more, GearUp2Go has the strong, durable Bumpers/Guards to safeguard against the hazards of riding!

Hitches/Frame Support

With a wide selection of Hitches/Frame Support options, we've got all the essential UTV accessories to meet your load-hauling needs! Brands like KFI Products, Extreme Metal Products (EMP), and Kolpin Powersports provide you the dependably strong products to help with a long day of towing!

Lift Kits

Before you install those monster aftermarket tires, don't forget to install a lift kit! GearUp2Go's line up of superior Lift Kits is just the accessory you've been looking for add that much needed extra clearance! We've got lift kits of all makes and models of UTV, with great brands like QuadBoss and SuperATV!


Get additional protection and coverage from the elements with a stylish, durable roof for your UTV! GearUp2Go has numerous top of the line roof options for you to choose from, made by all your favorite brands, like SuperATV, Extreme Metal Products, and Classic Accessories! Keep the rain and sun at bay with a first-rate roof from GearUp2Go!

Seats and Harnesses

Regardless if you're looking to add more comfort, safety or performance to your ride, GearUp2Go carries the UTV Seats and Harnesses for just about every make and model on the trail! Bring along those extra passengers by adding extra seating options! You'll find everything from UTV bench seat and roll cage combos, to UTV Rumble Seats, to children's UTV Bump Seats! We got 'em all!

Snow Plows

We've got the snow moving accessories for your UTV! Featuring a huge selection of Snow Plows and snow plow accessories, we can help you get even the toughest plowing job done with ease! Learn more from these plow videos: Getting started with Plowing & Snow Plow Use and Install

Utility Grips/Gun Grips

Strong and durable, Utility Grips / Gun Grips are exactly what you need to help with hauling all your gear! Make mounting things like tools, shovels, ice augers, fishing poles, chainsaws, guns and more a breeze with one of our versatile grips! You'll get that "extra set of hands" you're looking for to help get the job done! Great brands like UTV TEK and Kolpin Powersports!


Pick up a tough, dependable winch for your UTV! If you're looking for a workhorse with attitude, any one of the premium winches we carry should do the trick! Ideal for recovering a stuck UTV, you'll want to add a powerful, high-quality winch from brands line Warn and SuperATV as soon as possible!


Choose from fixed, tilting, half or full, Polycarbonate or Glass -- We've got all the windshield options you could ask want for virtually every UTV on the trail! Featuring top brands like SuperATV and Extreme Metal Products, you're sure to find the protection and wind deflection you've been looking for!

How to Shop For ATV and UTV Accessories On GearUp2Go.com


Quality ATV / UTV Parts Accessories Brands You Can Trust

We carry all the top brands in the industry as well as many smaller family shop brands. These small, family-run shops produce some of our favorite accessories. Large scale factories would have a difficult time reproducing some of the products from the family-run shops due to the uniqueness and high-level of quality that goes into them. When researching new ATV / UTV parts accessories brands to carry, we look for honest, hard working folks that understand how people honestly use their machines. Whether it is riding in the dunes all day at 103 degrees or getting to a tree stand in 24 inches of snow in 0 degrees weather, these companies just get it. They understand that riders buy ATV / UTV parts accessories based on their unique needs and hobbies. And we're proud to work with them to provide riders like you with quality ATV and UTV accessories.

Top 10 UTV OEM's

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