Utility Gear Rail System by Kolpin

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Utv accessory by Kolpin helps you to customize your utility vehicle or compact tractor for any task or adventure
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Regular Price: $167.95

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SKU: 26400
Brand: Kolpin Powersports

Utility Gear Rail System by Kolpin

The innovative design of the Kolpin Utility Gear Rail System helps you to customize your utility vehicle or compact tractor for any task or adventure. Mount your gear quickly and easily without taking up valuable bed space, or mount to the roll bar of your compact tractor to haul tools and fuel with you into the field. Whether on the trail, doing maintenance, hunting or fishing ... the Utility Gear Rail System lets you take all of your gear with you

The Utility Gear Rail System can be used with many of Kolpin's bracket accessories. The extra-strong C-clamps slide easily onto the gear rail, and the versatile brackets can be positioned at any point so you can add multiple clamps and brackets to mount multiple accessories at the same time. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination!

Utility Gear Rail System Features:

  • Sturdy and durable rail is constructed of heavy-duty, black anodized, 7-gauge extruded aluminum
  • Includes rail, one versatile Gear Rail Bracket and all mounting hardware
  • Cut-to-fit design accommodates any utility vehicle application
  • Quickly and easily attaches to the UTV's or compact tractor's roll bar varying in diameters from 1.25" to 2.0"with the solid, injection-molded mounts
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

2017 Fitments

  • 2017 Wolverine
  • 2017 Prowler 1000
  • 2017 Pioneer 1000
  • 2017 Pioneer 700
  • 2017 Pioneer 500

2016 Fitments

  • 2016 Ranger 570 (Fullsize - Rounded Bars)
  • 2016 Prowler 1000
  • 2016 Prowler 700
  • 2016 Pioneer 1000
  • 2016 Pioneer 700
  • 2016 Pioneer 500
  • 2016 Pioneer 500
  • 2016 Mule 600/610
  • 2016 Gator XUV 560
  • 2016 Gator XUV 550

2015 Fitments

  • 2015 Prowler 1000
  • 2015 Prowler 500/550/700
  • 2015 Pioneer 700
  • 2015 Pioneer 500
  • 2015 Mule 600/610
  • 2015 Gator XUV 855
  • 2015 Gator XUV 825
  • 2015 Gator XUV 550

2014 Fitments

  • 2014 Rhino 700
  • 2014 Ranger 800 (Fullsize)
  • 2014 Ranger 400/500/570/800 (Midsize)
  • 2014 Prowler 1000
  • 2014 Prowler 500/550/700
  • 2014 Pioneer 700
  • 2014 Mule 600/610
  • 2014 Gator XUV 855
  • 2014 Gator XUV 550

2013 Fitments

  • 2013 Teryx
  • 2013 Rhino 700
  • 2013 Ranger EV
  • 2013 Ranger Diesel
  • 2013 Ranger 800 (Fullsize)
  • 2013 Ranger 400/500/800 (Midsize)
  • 2013 Prowler 1000
  • 2013 Prowler 500/550/700
  • 2013 Mule 600/610
  • 2013 Gator XUV 855
  • 2013 Gator XUV 825
  • 2013 Gator XUV 550

2012 Fitments

  • 2012 Teryx
  • 2012 Rhino 700
  • 2012 Ranger 800
  • 2012 Ranger 400/500
  • 2012 Prowler 1000
  • 2012 Prowler 550/700
  • 2012 Mule 600/610
  • 2012 Gator XUV 825
  • 2012 Gator XUV 625
  • 2012 Gator XUV 550

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_13

*Sides are determined when looking from the rear of the machine

 Utility Gear Rail System_26400_1


NOTE: Retain these installation instructions with the machine operator's manual

NOTE: Never transport a loaded weapon in the Kolpin Gun Boot®.

Operating Safely

• Before shifting into reverse, always check for obstacles or people behind the machine.

• Always back slowly.

Protect Children and Prevent Accidents

• Be alert at all times, drive forward and in reverse carefully. People, especially children, can move quickly into an area of operation.

• Back carefully. Look behind the vehicle, especially for children, before backing up.

Avoid Excessive Speeds

• Use caution when operating the machine in reverse. Use a slow speed and do not make sharp turns. Always look behind before backing.

Note: Over tightening of hardware can cause damage to the system or brackets. Very little torque is needed to hold the system securely.


 Utility Gear Rail System_26400_2

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_3


1. Using the 4 – ¼” x 2.25” or the 5.50” Truss Head Bolts and ¼” Nylock Nuts mount the Left Hand Extrusion End Cap on the dump bed side of the driver side roll bar. (Left side if looking from the back of the machine). The Left Hand Plastic Clamp goes on the seat side of the roll bar. (See Figure 1. Note: Picture is showing right side of machine for reference only). Tighten the hardware so it is snug but do not fully tighten as the system may need to be raised or lowered in the vertical plane. Note: If machine has a rear screen attached to the roll bar, the screen will need to be loosened first to allow the Utility Gear Rail System to fit properly. If using Longer Bolts, you will need to cut down the bolt to eliminate interference with the C-Clamp being able to slide on the extrusion.

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_4

2. Next, from the right side of the machine, take the Aluminum Extrusion and slide onto the Left Hand Extrusion End Cap. (See Figure 2)

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_5 

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_6

3. The Aluminum Extrusion will need to be cut down to custom fit your machine. Mark on the extrusion where it needs to be cut by placing it tight on one End Cap and marking where the other End Cap meets on the extrusion. And as always check you measurements twice. Cut the Aluminum Extrusion with a hack saw.

4. After cutting, remove the Right Hand Extrusion End Cap form the Roll Bar. Place the Right Hand Extrusion End Cap into the Aluminum Extrusion and mount back onto the roll bar, using the 4 – ¼” x 2.25” (or 5.50”) Truss Head Bolts and 4 – ¼” Nylock Nuts. Position the mount so it is high enough to tilt the dump bed. Tighten securely.

Note: Over tightening can cause damage to the system or brackets. Very little torque is needed to hold the system securely.

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_7


4. The 26500 Bracket ( also sold separately) is compatible with the following Kolpin Products:

A. Gun Boot 5.0 (20090-95)                        E. Gear Grips (20085)
B. Boottector Bracket (20035)                     F. Gun Grips II (20072)
C. Fuel Pack Bracket (89475)                    G. Universal Loop Bracket (20032)
D. UTV/ATV Basket (53200)                      H. Double Gun Boot Mount (26510)

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_8 

 Plate Usage:

1. The plates can be use in the below orientations to better accommodate your machine(s) and how you want to manage the limited space available.

2. Slots allow for fine adjustments in the bracket to allow you to be more versatile with your accessories.

3. The Mounting Base Plate is to be used on the C-Clamp that is included. It also works with the Gear Lock and Load Bracket (P/N 26300). Please see website for more information on the Gear Lock and Load Bracket.

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_9

Mounting Instructions:

1. To mount the two brackets together use the 4 – ¼” x ¾” Bolts provided. Attached using the (3) horizontal slots in the bracket. The Mounting Bracket Plate should be used so it is under the Mounting Base Plate. See above picture.

2. Mount the bracket to the C-Clamp by attaching the remaining (4) Truss Head bolts to the four corners of the C-Clamp.

3. The C-Clamp then slides onto the 26400 Utility Gear Rail System. Tighten the C-Clamp using the Star Turn Knob provided.

4. Accessorize as necessary.

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_10

Les côtés sont déterminés en regardant depuis l’arrière de la machine.

 Utility Gear Rail System_26400_11


REMARQUE : Conservez ce mode d’installation avec le mode d’emploi de la machine.

REMARQUE : Ne transportez jamais une arme chargée dans un fourreau Gun BootMD Kolpin.

Conduisez en toute sécurité.

• Avant de passer en marche arrière, vérifiez toujours l’absence de personnes ou d’obstacles derrière la machine.

• Reculez toujours lentement.

Protégez les enfants et évitez les accidents.
• Soyez sur vos gardes en tout temps; conduisez avec précaution, tant en marche avant qu’en marche arrière; les gens, surtout les enfants, peuvent se déplacer de façon soudaine dans une zone de travail.

• Reculez avec précaution. Avant de reculer, regardez toujours en arrière, surtout pour repérer la présence éventuelle d’enfants.

Évitez les vitesses excessives.

Remarque : Un serrage excessif des pièces peut endommager le système ou les supports. Il suffit d’un couple de serrage très peu élevé pour bien fixer le système.


Utility Gear Rail System_26400_12

 Utility Gear Rail System_26400_13


1. À l’aide de 4 boulons de 1/4 x 2,25 po ou de 4 boulons à tête bombée de 5,50 po (réf. 9 ou 10), et des écrous de 1/4 po à frein élastique (11), montez le capuchon de barre gauche (3) sur le côté benne basculante de l’arceau côté conducteur (côté gauche regardé depuis l’arrière de la machine). La pince en plastique gauche (5) se place côté siège de l’arceau. (Voir fig. 1. Remarque : La photo montre le côté droit de la machine à des fins d’illustration seulement.) Assemblez les pièces de façon temporaire, sans trop serrer, car il pourra falloir les ajuster vers le haut ou le bas. Remarque : Si une machine possède un écran arrière fixé à l’arceau, il faudra desserrer l’arceau pour que le système de barre à équipement puisse bien s’ajuster. Si vous utilisez les boulons plus longs, il faudra les couper de façon à ne pas gêner le coulissement de la pince en C sur la barre.

 Utility Gear Rail System_26400_14

2. Puis, du côté droit de la machine, prenez la barre en aluminium (1) et coulissez-la vers et sur le capuchon de barre gauche (3) (fig.2).

 Utility Gear Rail System_26400_15

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_16

3. Enfoncez le capuchon de barre droit (4) dans la barre (1) et fixez sur l’arceau à l’aide de 4 boulons de 1/4 x 2,25 po ou de 4 boulons à tête bombée de 5,50 po (réf. 9 ou 10), et des écrous de 1/4 po à frein élastique (11); placez la barre suffisamment haut pour ne pas gêner la benne. Serrez bien les pièces.

Remarque : Un serrage excessif des pièces peut endommager le système ou les supports. Il suffit d’un couple de serrage très peu élevé pour bien fixer le système.

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_17

4. Le support 26500 (vendu séparément) est compatible avec les produits Kolpin suivants :

A. Fourreau Gun Boot 5.0 (20090-95)                  E. Pinces Gear Grips (20085)
B. Support Boottector (20035)                            F. Pinces Gun Grips II (20072)
C. Support de bidon (89475)                              G. Support de fourreau en boucle Universal (20032)
D. Panier de VUT/VTT (53200)                          H. Support double de fourreau Gun Boot (26510)

Utility Gear Rail System_26400_18

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