John Deere Gator Power Steering Kit by SuperATV

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The John Deere Gator Power Steering Kit by SuperATV is designed to make your ride a more enjoyable experience! Utilizing the EZ-STEER technology, this unit drastically reduces steering effort allowing for longer, less fatiguing rides. Tackle that rough and tough trail without the fear for difficult, jerky steering by install this power steering kit on your John Deere Gator today!
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Brand: SuperATV

John Deere Gator Power Steering Kit by SuperATV

This John Deere Gator Power Steering kit features EZ-STEER technology, which helps to create longer ride times and reduced driver fatigue by reducing the effort it takes to steer your UTV.

John Deere Gator riders will love how effortless this power steering kit makes it to drive your UTV. EZ-STEER removes bump steer and produces a steady and even ride. Less steering effort gives you more energy to navigate mud, rocks, and uneven terrain all day long. This makes driving your John Deere better than ever by eliminating wheel jerk. The control box seal is watertight, and the output and input shafts are sealed, allowing you to pressure wash or even submerge your UTV without damaging the delicate power steering circuitry.

John Deere Gator Power Steering Kit Features:

  • Reduces Steering Effort
  • Eliminates Bump Steer
  • Compact Control Box For Easier Mounting And Installation
  • 100% Plug And Play EZ-Steer Wiring
  • Sealed Input and Output Shafts
  • Watertight Control Box And Connectors


*Pricing mentioned in video reflects 2015 pricing which is no longer offered by the manufacturer. The price shown at the top of the page is the lowest retail price offered by the manufacturer, and cannot be found elsewhere for less.

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

2015 Fitments

  • 2015 Gator XUV 825

2013 Fitments

  • 2013 Gator XUV 825

2012 Fitments

  • 2012 Gator XUV 825
  • 2012 Gator XUV 625

2011 Fitments

  • 2011 Gator XUV 825
  • 2011 Gator XUV 625

2010 Fitments

  • 2010 Gator XUV 825

2009 Fitments

  • 2009 Gator XUV 825

2008 Fitments

  • 2008 Gator XUV 825

2007 Fitments

  • 2007 Gator XUV 825

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_1

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_2


            - Before installing, ensure that all waterproof connections are properly seated.

            - If Gaskets are not seated, as shown, use a Flathead Screwdriver to seat

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_3

                                                                             Do not tighten hardware completely unless noted.

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_4


     Keep all stock hardware.

     1. Remove Steering Shaft bolt on Steering Rack. See Fig. 1.

     2. Remove Steering Wheel and C-Clip from Steering Shaft. See Fig. 2.

     3. Pull Steering Shaft Assembly through Fire Wall and remove C-Clip from Shaft. See Fig. 2.

     4. Remove (4) Bolts from Dash. See Fig. 3.

     5. Remove (2) Bolts from Glove Box, and (1) Bolt from Steering Cover; Remove Dash. See Figs. 4 - 4a.

     6. Attach Lower Shaft (Q) to Steering Rack with stock hardware. See Page 6 and Fig. 5.

     7. Attach Motor (N) to Lower Shaft (Q) with supplied hardware. See Page 6, Fig. 6, and Motor Shafts Detail.

     8. Use M8-1.25 x 20mm Lg. FHCS (A) and attach Bracket (P) to Motor (N). See Page 6 and Fig. 7.

     9. Reinstall stock C-Clip onto Upper Shaft (R) and install Upper Shaft (R) to Motor (N) with supplied hardware. Insert Upper Shaft (R) into Steering Column. See Fig.            8.

    10.Reinstall remaining stock C-Clip to Upper Shaft (R).

    11. Install Mounting Bracket (P) to machine using (2) M8-1.25 x 30mm Lg. HHCS (F), (4) M8 Flat Washers (D), and (2) M8-1.25 Nylock Nuts (E). Install Bracket Spacer          (C) to hole furthest from Firewall. See Page 6 and Figs. 9 - 10. 

    12. Install Stabilizer Bracket (T) to Mounting Bracket (P) with M6-1.0 x 20mm Lg. HHCS (U), M6 Flat Washers (V), and M6-1.0 Nylock Nut (W). See Page 6 and Figs.            10 - 10b. - Secure opposite end to slot, located in Frame, with M6-1.0 x 20mm Lg. HHCS (U), M6 Flat Washers (V), and M6-1.0 Nylock Nut (W).

    13.Plug Wiring Harness (M) into Control Module (L). See Wiring Details page 10.

    14.Reinstall Dash and Steering Wheel. Tighten all hardware.

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_5

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_6

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_7

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_8

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_9.1

              1. Install Mounting Clamp (G) to Control Module (L) with

              (1) M6-1.0 x 15mm Lg. HHCS (B).

             - Slide on to Frame and align with hole in Frame.

             - Secure with (1) M6-1.0 x 15mm Lg. HHCS (B).

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_9.2

     1. Install Mounting Clamp (G) to Control Module (L) with (1) M6-1.0 x 15mm Lg. HHCS (B).

    - Locate hole in Frame and secure components with (1) M6-1.0 x 15mm Lg. HHCS (B).

John Deere Gator_Power Steering Kit_PS-JD-G-XUV_10

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