UTV Cab Systems - Soft vs. Hard Cab Enclosures

UTV Cab Systems make staying nice and cozy-warm in winter, a cinch! Once you invest in a Side by Side cab enclosure, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

The wintry weather is right around the corner, and we've got you covered here at GearUp2Go.com with just the right accessory to help battle the chill of icy winds during both work and play. A full or partial UTV cab enclosure is designed to help keep heat in while keeping frozen winds and snow at bay!

RCS Hard Cab EnclosureWe carry many different UTV aftermarket cab systems options for nearly all makes and models of Side by Sides. Select from top-of-the-line hard cab enclosures or more economical soft cab enclosures. Let us help you get more work done and more miles under your wheels this winter with a new cab enclosure for your UTV!

UTV Hard Cab Enclosure

A UTV Hard Cab Enclosure gives you that added durability and protection you'll need to combat the elements in wintry climates! Most cab enclosures come with four main features: a windshield (available in polycarbonate or hard-coated tempered safety glass), a rear windshield, doors/side panels and a roof.

Rugged Side by Side Cab Systems are engineered to last a long time and are typically made of hard, durable plastics. Materials can vary by manufacturer, but all do an excellent job of helping to keep the chill out of your bones!

Soft Cab EnclosureUTV Soft Cab Enclosure

A UTV Soft Cab Enclosure provides the same quality protection from wind, rain, sun, and snow as a Hard Cab Enclosure, but are nearly half the cost! With panels typically made of fabric (such as nylon or polyester), Soft Cab Enclosures can offer you more flexibility in design and functionality. Fabrics can come in a wide array of colors and patterns, including camo!

The front and rear windshields can also be customized to the material of your liking, such as tempered safety glass, Lexan polycarbonate, or flexible vinyl! Many Soft Cab Enclosures have zippered or Velcro side windows and panels for easy removal allowing you to create that open-air ride when the weather is warmer during the summer months!

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For Extra Comfort, Add a Cab Heater!

Cab HeaterConsider adding a cab heater to your Polaris Ranger UTV to make your vehicle just as toasty and warm as the fire back at the cabin or cottage! Cab Heaters install easily and are available for virtually all UTV makes and models. Most Cab Heaters include a defroster feature as well, to help reduce the adverse effects of frosty windows. Can you say "no more ice scraping?!" No matter what model Side by Side you own, when you combine a Cab Enclosure with a Cab Heater unit, you're guaranteed to stay warm even under sub-zero temperatures!

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