ATV UTV Snow Plow System - Choosing the Right One

Selecting the appropriate ATV UTV Snow Plow System can be a somewhat daunting task. There are a lot of options. The right plow is based on a number of things. Personal preference as well as how it will be used, the machine size and weight are all factors to consider. By the end of this article you will have the know-how to feel confident that you're making the right choice.

1. Know Your Make & Model

ATV UTV Snow Plow Systems are not all created equal. There are different plow systems for different machines. Make sure you are looking at the right ones for your machine type.
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Size DOES Matter

It's important to know the width of your machine from the outer edge of one front tire to the outer edge of the other. You want to purchase a blade that will span the width of your tires. This ensures a nice clean path for your tires for the best grip while plowing.

Keep in mind that when you're in a full left or right turn, a plow will not clear the full width of the blade. Make sure you allow for some loss of width when turned.

When fully angled left or right:

  • A 60" snowplow will clear a path of 53"
  • A 50" snowplow will clear a path of 44.5"

How Much Power Are You Packing?

The larger size plows obviously cover more ground with fewer sweeps. However, some blades are simply too much for smaller machines to handle. Typically speaking, machines under 450cc should not use above a 54" ATV UTV Snow Plow. Snow is heavy. A snow plow is also heavy. Your ATV or UTV must have enough power and weight bearing down on the front wheels to be effective. Without it, you won't be able to push or turn the ATV UTV Snow Plow while loaded with snow. Machines 500cc or more can usually handle a 60" blade.

TIP: Most people select the 48" blade, regardless of their engine size. It's easier to maneuver and there is less chance of the blade rubbing tires while in a full turn.

2. Select a Mounting Location

ATV/UTV Snow Plow Systems mounting optionsThere are 3 primary mounting locations for an ATV. For UTVs there is really just one.

ATV Front Mount:

  • Easy on/off
  • Superior blade lift for snow stacking

ATV Forward Mount:

  • Convenient
  • Universal
  • Installs easily on ATV

ATV Mid-Body Mount:

  • Best Traditional/Heavy-Duty plow use
  • Strongest place to mount on ATV

16-0000 Front Mount and Pushtube UTV Front Mount:

  • Easy on/off
  • Superior blade lift for snow stacking

3. Select a Push Tube

The push tube is the portion that connects the ATV UTV Snow Plow to your machine. They're typically built of heavy-duty, 1.5", reinforced 11-gauge steel tubes. Depending on the push tube, it will likely have multi-position settings for the blade and allow for manual or powered lift. Make sure you select the push tube that is compatible with the mount-style you've selected.

4. Select an ATV UTV Snow Plow Blade Style

This, in my opinion, takes the most thought and consideration. There are different blades for different uses. To chose a blade, you have to know how you plan to use it.

Cycle Country offers 3 distinct blade styles:

Straight Steel ATV UTV Snow Plow Blade Straight Steel Blade
State Steel ATV UTV Snow Plow Blade State Steel Blade
Poly XT ATV UTV Snow Plow Blade Poly XT Blade


Straight Steel Blade
This blade has a smaller radius and more curve which makes it better for clearing driveways and moderate depths of snow. The collected snow will be deposited to the sides of the plow. This is by far the most popular style. Available in 48", 54", 60" and 72" blades.

State Steel Blade
This blade comes in a tapered design. One end is 24" tall while the other end is 16" tall. You'll feel just like a big street plow with one of these suckers mounted to your machine. They're perfect for large areas of snow in open spaces. The tapered design will gently roll the snow as it gains velocity. As snow reaches the edge of the blade, it is thrown out to the side. The faster the speed of your ATV, the further the snow will be thrown.
Available in 52" and 60" blades.

Poly XT Blade
This blade is lightweight and rugged. It will never rust. The material is much lighter than steel and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The blade style is the same as the standard Straight Steel Blade and is best for clearing driveways and moderate depths of snow. Available in 52", 60" and 72" blades.

5. Select a Winch or Lift System

If your machine is not already equipped with a winch, Cycle Country offers a variety of plow lift options.

TIP: I highly recommend a powered lift. Repetitively lifting a plow, especially when laden with snow, takes some muscle. Don't get me wrong, I love a good workout and can handle the manual lift just fine. But it can become rather tiresome, rather quickly for some. It will also take a little longer to complete the job if you're manually lifting the plow. It's something to keep in mind if you have a lot of snow to clear. My driveway was 70' long and opened up wide enough for three garage doors. By the end of clearing that, I was ready to be done.

6. Build Your Ultimate ATV UTV Snow Plow System

Once you've selected your plow, push tube, mount and lift style, you may want to take it up a level and splurge on some handy add-ons. Make your winter wonderland a little more enjoyable.

I hope that you found the information in this article helpful and you can feel confident in your ability to make a good decision regarding an ATV UTV Snow Plow.

If you have further questions, please contact one of our experts at 1-800-920-7574.


About the Author: J.M. Stickney is a powersports enthusiast working as the Marketing Manager at GearUp2Go. She loves skiing in the winter and cruising on the lake in the summer. She prefers to be outdoors whenever possible and also enjoys writing, reading, running and spending time with her family.

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