Polaris CEO Challenges Dealers to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On August 22nd, Scott Wine, the chairman and CEO of Polaris Industries, Inc. completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In turn he challenged the Polaris' network of dealers to do the same. Scott Wine stated that if 100 dealers completed a challenge, Polaris would donate $10,000 towards the fight to find a cure for ALS. We've included the video so you can see it for yourself.

Polaris Dealers Rise to the Challenge

 Polaris CEO, Scott Wine - Ice Bucket Challenge Within 7 days, more than 100 dealers had completed Scott Wine's Ice Bucket Challenge. Many of the dealers also made personal donations. On Tuesday, September 2nd, Polaris Industries donated $10,000 toward ALS research as promised.

“We are extremely proud of the strong response we received from Polaris dealers across the country and happy to provide this additional donation to support ALS research,” said Wine. “Polaris dealers are a strong part of our team and share the value our company places on giving back.”

Polaris has a long history of supporting ALS. They have participated in raising funds to fight ALS since the inception of the Black Woods Blizzard Tour, a snowmobile ride to fight ALS, 15 years ago. Since then, Polaris and its employees have raised more than $900,000 for the cause and are hoping to hit the $1 million mark in 2015.

About the Ice Bucket Challenge

In case you somehow missed it, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a fundraiser sponsored by the ALS Association (Alsa), an American medical charity. Alsa started the viral fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for the fight to cure Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  The unique fundraiser challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video. They then post that video to social media and nominate others to do the same.  People can either accept the challenge or make a donation to an ALS Charity of their choice, or do both.

This viral sensation, marked by the use of the hash tag #IceBucketChallenge, has attracted thousands of followers, including celebrities, who willingly drop frozen ice on themselves and issue the challenge to others.

In just 4 weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $100 million which is the most ANY fundraiser has ever raised in such a short period of time. To put it in perspective, Alsa raised $24M through all of last year.

Have you accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge yet?


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