Improve Your Hunting with 7 Essential Tools

Improve your hunting experience this season with these 7 essential hunting accessories. This list contains our favorite hunting accessories that no hunter should be without. If you're anything like me, they'll make your life easier which will improve your hunting experience overall. Check out the bottom of this article for videos on most of the items discussed.

1. Stealth Exhaust

Essential Hunting Accessories - Stealth Exhaust There's nothing more annoying than someone driving through your hunting spot with a loud machine. Don't be that guy. A loud exhaust is relatively easy to remedy.  A Kolpin Stealth Exhaust System is quick to install. It also reduces exhaust noise by up to 50%, or 5-7 decibels. That could mean the difference between spooking that trophy game or bringing that trophy home!

2. Camouflaged Gear and Accessories

There really is no limit as to the amount of camouflage you can incorporate into your hunting adventure. So go ahead, blend in with the environment and get into the hunting spirit by decking out yourself and your ATV or side x side with camouflaged gear and accessories.

3. Safe Gun/Bow Transportation

Essential Hunting Accessories - Ratcheting Rhino GripsYes, you could just carry your gun or bow while driving your ATV or UTV, but then how would you hold your beer? My recommendation, use an overhead gun rack or some rhino grips.

4. Extra Fuel

There's nothing worse than being stranded deep in the woods and having to trek your way back out on foot and then haul back a gallon or more of fuel. Never hit the trails without some extra fuel. Rotopax Fuel Packs and Mounts are a hot seller right now. I love that you can mix-and-match their 2-gallon packs.

4. Winch System

KFI Winch Series Kits are by far the most popular winch systems sold by GearUp2Go. Whether you're on a winding trail, plowing snow or deep in the mud, a reliable winch is the most important accessory a rider or hunter can have. Equip your ATV, UTV or SxS with a KFI WINCH and feel confident you can pull yourself out of any situation.

5. Great Day PowerLoader

Essential Hunting Accessories - PowerLoader I love my Great Day PowerLoader. You can load big game (up to 350 lbs) easily with just the push of a button. Great Day's PowerLoader is powered by either a factory-installed or an after-market winch (we recommend at least a 2000 lb unit for maximum performance). PowerLoaders are also great for loading firewood, tool-boxes, ice-chests, sacks of feed or seed, bales of hay, building materials, fence posts and more. Every serious hunter needs one o these.

7. Hunting Plot Planting Implements

Many of you may have done all of your planting in the spring, but for those that still have some fall planting to do, I highly recommend the Kolpin DirtWorks system. It can withstand the toughest abuse and each implement is easy to attach and remove. Plus, Kolpin has thought of it all. They have a helpful, time-saving tool for every step in the planting process and all of their implements works seamlessly together. Once you use the DirtWorks system you'll wonder how you managed for so long without it. You'll shave hours off of the laborious process of clearing and planting your hunting plot areas by using these essential hunting accessories for planting your food plots.

Essential Hunting Accessories Videos

Check out some videos on the essential hunting gear mentioned in this article.

Kolpin UTV KXP Ratcheting Rhino Grips Great Day Overhead Gun Rack UTV Gun Rack - UTV Overhead Gun Rack by Great Day Gun Boot 6.0 Transport by Kolpin Gun Boot 6.0 Transport by Kolpin
Kolpin Stealth Exhaust 2.0 with Heath Shield Kolpin Stealth Exhaust Sound Demo Kolpin DirtWorks System
KFI ATV Winch Kits Great Day PowerLoader Demo


About the Author: J.M. Stickney is a powersports enthusiast. While not on her bike she spends a lot of time outdoors, writing, reading, running or spending time with her family on their boat.

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