How a Shed Antler Dog Can Help Manage Your Whitetail Property

With the assistance of a well-trained shed antler dog, the elusive whitetail deer that live on your property can become a lot easier to track and manage. What better proof of the presence of large bucks on your property than their shed antlers? A shed antler dog can collect physical evidence and other data on your deer herd much more efficiently than you could alone.

Basset Hounds make a great shed antler dogAn Amazing Sniffer

A dog's sense of smell is significantly keener than a human's.  It's somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times more acute than ours. How can we rationalize something like that?

Alexandra Horowitz, a dog-cognition researcher at Barnard College, explained that we might notice if our coffee has had a teaspoon of sugar added to it. A dog could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water, or two Olympic-sized pools worth. Put another way, a dog could catch a whiff of one rotten apple in two million barrels. 

It's still difficult to comprehend just how good a dog's sniffer can be until you've seen it at work. Think of the several acres of land you trek while searching for shed antlers. A shed antler hunting dog can find antlers that quality deer managers will miss all day long while walking right by them. The right canine companion can greatly boost shed-hunting success.

Make Better Deer Management Decisions

Noting the location of shed antlers gives the deer manager valuable insight. A well-trained shed antler dog can help us understand:

  • the type of deer on the property
  • what deer made it through the winter
  • the areas of the property the deer are using for bedding and feeding
  • where to plant food plots
  • the best locations for watering holes
  • the most likely positions to plant warm season "cover" grasses

It's important to use the shed antler data to make decisions on positioning key elements of your deer habitat. By doing so you will reduce the amount of stress the deer experience.

Giant Whitetail Deer

The more you incorporate the herd's natural tendencies, the more the comfortable deer will find your property. They will also be less likely to relocate to any neighboring property.

Through proper deer management, you can increase the genetics and size of the herd. This all starts with finding the most shed antlers with your shed antler dog and using the collected data to make better decisions.

More Than Just a Shed Antler Dog

When it comes to quality deer management techniques a shed antler dog can add a lot of dimension to managing your whitetail property. They are more than just another tool in the management bag of tricks. A shed antler dog can bring validation to what is really growing on your property. This can also greatly increase resale value within the hunting industry.

You might use the data provided by locating shed antlers for improving whitetail deer management. You might collect shed antlers for trade or resale. No matter what your reason, a shed antler dog can significantly add to your success and enjoyment.

Shed Antler Dog Training Resources

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