Yamaha Unveils 2015 Snowmobiles

Yamaha was the first snowmobile manufacturer to introduce its 2015 lineup. A departure from last year's appeal to performance riders, the new line boasts feature-rich machines designed for deep snow, steep inclines, and corridor trails.

New Yamaha SR Viper MT-X helps deep snow riders shred the slopes

Headlining Yamaha's new snowmobile line, the MT-X has an array of new elements for mountain riders. The familiar 1049cc three-cylinder liquid-cooled motor has been modified for high altitude and deep snow. An updated engine electronic computer unit (ECU) delivers quicker revving, while a recalibrated clutch system provides more rapid transfer of power to the track.

From tip to tip, the new M-TX is designed for improving control while sledding on the steeps. Tall vertical steering post increases riders' leverage when sidehilling and carving. Adjustable tall-spindle front suspension provides 38-39 inches of ski stance. New Deep-Keel Tuner skis have a steeper keel angle for better penetration, and 5mm deeper keels for increased bite and improved performance in loose snow.

The time honored Power Claw track comes with 2.6-inch lugs on 153 or 162-inch tracks. The M-TX 153 is supported by coil over HPG shocks all around. The M-TX 153 and 162 SE models, however, boast FOX FLOAT shocks in front and a FLOAT 2 damper on the rear arm.

Narrow profile seat is tapered toward the fuel tank improving rider mobility while shortened seat length lets riders swing their leg easily from one running board to the other. Tapered powder coated tunnel improves snow evacuation, while open running boards with improved boot grip and snow clearing, and no heat exchanger reduces weight and decreases snow build-up.

Yamaha crossover snowmobiles perfect for off-trail adventure

Yamaha 2015 SnowmobilesThe growing crossover market has been led by Yamaha's X-TX line of 141 and 144-inch track sleds. For 2015, Yamaha is introducing the Viper S-TX DX. Built on the same platform as the X-TX, the new "deluxe" model offers a tall wind-fighter windshield, deep-keel Tuner skis, comfort-tuned coil spring suspension, and dual-setting heated seat.

The DX also comes with Yamaha's modular rear bumper system that, according to Yamaha, allows owners to customize their sled by adding accessories such as saddlebags, additional racks, or an additional passenger seat.

Specialty sleds provide speed, strength, and comfort

Yamaha 2015 ApexYamaha's Apex line continues to be the only sleds combining the performance of electronic power steering (EPS) and the power of their 4-cylinder Genesis 4-stroke engine. Riders seeking a bit less power will enjoy the Vector line's mid-performance 3-cylinder with advanced fuel injection. Like the Apex, the Vector utilizes the velocity sensitive EPS system to provide excellent handling and predictability.

For the touring and working sledders, Yamaha is bringing back the RS Venture GT and TF. Both offer premium features including electronic power steering, loads of storage, and improved suspension systems. Yamaha calls the GT the benchmark for two up touring, and says the TF promises good off-trail ability due in part to a slightly (7-inches) longer track length that increases fresh snow flotation.

Built for the utilitarian snowmobilers, the multi-purpose Venture MP provides plenty of storage and standard towing hitch on a comfortable two-up sled. Heavy duty jobs are Viking Professional with its three-cylinder engine and three-speed transmission driving a 20-inch wide 156-inch long track.

And for the junior sledders, the SRX 120 delivers rugged reliability and a tricked out graphics package.



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