Polaris Acquires Kolpin Outdoors, Inc.

Polaris Acquires Kolpin Outdoors according to a press release posted today, April 1st, 2014. Polaris announced their acquisition of Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. stating that they do not anticipate changes to their working relationship as a result of the acquisition. Instead, their immediate focus will be on maintaining the continuity of the business and the relationships with customers, partners, dealers and retailers of Kolpin.

Polaris Acquires Kolpin Outdoors, Inc"As you know, Kolpin has a long standing history as a leading aftermarket all-terrain accessory brand delivering purpose-built and universal-fit ORV accessories that appeal to a broad customer base. We have great respect for Kolpin’s commitment to delivering innovative, quality products that enhance the users’ experience – a standard that matches the Polaris culture."

Polaris Acquires Kolpin - What to Expect

Over the coming months, Polaris plans to further develop their strategy to leverage the Polaris operating model and scale to methodically integrate Kolpin's operation and further strengthen the Kolpin brand, retail relationships and customer experience.

"Polaris has reach into markets around the world providing additional scale, infrastructure and resources to increase global visibility for the Kolpin brand."

Read the full press release: Polaris Acquires Kolpin Outdoors, Inc.


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