5 Off-Roading Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

While a great deal of the country is a concrete and asphalt jungle, a few places remain that are left untouched for one purpose: adventure. Such places are characterized by deep canyons, rolling hills, chiseled mountain trails, and a small but present element of danger. For the ATV enthusiast, five locations in particular rank highest among the top off-roading destinations in America.

Johnson Valley, CA

If you're looking for some raw, open desert, Johnson Valley is just the place. Most of the area is not that difficult to navigate, but is an ideal spot to test out your new ATV. But if you're looking for something a bit more challenging, you should check out the Hammer trails. These trails feature large boulders, steep ledges, and narrow passes. This is not a place for beginners, as risk of injury of mechanical failure is quite high.

Moab, UT

While ATVs are not allowed within Arches or Canyonland National Park, this off-roading mecca does have several 4WD trails and dunes for the ATVer to carve up.

  • White Wash Sand Dunes: This picturesque spot, just 48 miles northwest of Moab, provides access to many scenic landmarks including Crystal Geyser and Green river. While the location is somewhat difficult to get to, the trail to get there is anything but boring.
  • Chicken Corners: One of the most difficult trails at Moab, this 43-mile round trip will take you through Hurrah pass, which gives you a great view of the canyon from 4,780 feet up. You'll also get the chance to drive along some ledges, cliffs, and shelves.
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Crystal Ridge Trail, WA

You can easily make an afternoon out of this 9.1-mile mountain trail. It has it all: beautiful scenery, difficult hills, tight spots, the list goes on. But don't let the great views fool you. Crystal Ridge can be a pretty difficult trail to navigate if you're not paying attention. You can lose track of the trail, and some turns are rather abrupt. Bring your best to this one.

Silver Lake Dunes, MI

If you think that the best off-roading spots are limited to the Southwest, then you've never been to the Silver Lake sand dunes in Michigan. This destination has a little something for everyone, regardless of skill level. For beginners, you have the opportunity to learn some tips and tricks from the pros; for the pros, think of Silver Lake as your personal playground. The view and admission price aren't half-bad either.

Imogene Pass, CO

If you want an elevated experience, you should check out Imogene Pass. The top of the mountain trail reaches a height of 13,114 feet (almost 3 miles), and is the second-highest off-road trail that's ATV accessible. The trail runs about 13 miles, and is perfect for summer off-roading. There are a number of sites to see along the way, including the historic Tomboy Mines and town site. Just take caution going back down, as the road is extremely narrow in some places.


Some of the world's greatest off-roading destinations are not that far away. Just be sure to bring lots of, emergency supplies, safety equipment, and your appetite for adventure!


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