Arctic Cat WildCat Trail (XT) - A Closer Look

A few months ago the Arctic Cat WildCat Trail (XT) was introduced and it is very interesting because in the "Trail" segment of vehicles there was a big hole, except for the Polaris models RZR 800 and 570 there was no competition on this market of smaller side by side vehicles.

Arctic Cat with their new WildCat Trail model not only fills the lack in this segment - it imposes completely new standards! A completely new 700 ccm engine with two cylinders and an extra 60+ BHP that follows the gearbox in the same housing with a back differential (like in the RZR 900 and 570) is used, so it is an engine that is a lot stronger than the competition with a transmission system that has minimal losses - so it gives a lot of power to the wheels.

When raw power and excellent transmission is put together with a supreme variator you get top notch performances. In the new WildCat Trail model they use the same variator (CVT) as on the big brother "TEAM® Rapid Response Clutch" system that will take care that there is no belt sliding and it will give a ratio that ensures maximum power on the wheels at any moment.

Watch the WildCat Trail dust the competition.

The Arctic Cat team has made a good analysis of the existing vehicles on the market, they took the best characteristics of their competitors, they improved existing solutions and added new improvements. The width has remained standard 50″, the wheelbase has been widened because of stability in driving while the total length has remained the same. By increasing the wheelbase next to stability they gained extra room for the passengers and they placed the seats on a much lower level - thus gaining even more vehicle stability and a balanced mass, the ratio is 60:40 percent back:front.

The suspension is classic with a double A-Arm back and front, and the front and back suspension with the Anti-Sway bars gives the stability needed for this vehicle. A new thing are also the FOX gas shock absorbers that can be serviced in basic equipment, as well as a bigger suspension travel, the front arms have a travel of more than 10 inches and the back ones 10.5 inches, the smallest distance of the vehicle from the ground is 10 inches. A bigger arm travel and excellent stock shock absorbers give a very comfortable ride and precise vehicle behavior.

When you add up all these key parameters: the suspension, the engine, the transmission and a low overall weight of only 450 kg you get the winning combination.

What is there more to say? About the propulsion we can add that you get a standard good selection in the Arctic Cat offer, from 2-wheel drive (back) to 4-wheel drive (the true propulsion on all four wheels - where engine braking stops all four wheels) as well as the possibility of blocking the front differential (in the 4WD mode).

For braking all four hydraulic discs are in charge, the steering wheel is height adjustable, you get the sport bucket seat, the half doors are in the standard equipment which makes getting in and getting out easier, the tank capacity is 28 liters and the back lighting is LED.

A catalogue with extra equipment was published with the release of the new model including shoulder protection, the bottom of the vehicle protection, windshields, roofs and everything else you can think of. It is worth mentioning that next to the basic WildCat Trail model there is a different model called Trail XT with extra equipment: car paint (the choice of Arctic metallic green and matte black), arms in the color of the vehicle, seats in two colors and aluminum rims.

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Milan Budimkić - Author of Arctic Cat WildCat Trail XT
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