Temporary Cease of Sales on Kolpin Fuel Pack

Due to recent changes in regulations, the popular Kolpin Fuel Pack products are on hold and unable to be sold. The product had previously been certified for sale in California under Executive Order G-10-010 (the "EO") issued by the California Air Resource Boar ("CARB"), but that may no longer be the case.

Kolpin is currently working with its manufacturer to conduct independent testing of the products using a protocol approved by CARB and to submit their test results to CARB for re-certification.

Until that time, the popular 1.5 gallon and 4 gallon Kolpin Fuel Pack products are no longer available for sale on our site (or any site). We hope that the re-certification process goes well and that we will soon be able to offer these to our customers again.

For more details, see Kolpin's Customer Letter here:

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