Five Little Known Things About Motorcycles

Motorcycles are one of the most widely used means of transportation the whole world over. They are built for a variety of purposes from transportation to recreation, and they are so prevalent that there are even social societies built around them. Because motorcycles are a common sight, their presence is often taken for granted. The following article is intended to introduce its readers to 5 interesting facts about motorcycles that are unknown to most people.

1. Motorcycles were the most widely used vehicles in use during World War 1.

motorcycles Luther W. Coleman and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Circa 1925, St. Petersberg, FL

There were a number of motorcycle production companies that provided motorized bikes to allied troops. One of the largest of these was the American based motor bike company Harley-Davidson. There was also an English company that produced motorcycles for allied troops. After World War 2, American war veterans began to form clubs that were associated around those who were motorcycle riders.

2. The first motorized bike was referred to as a velocipede and was invented in the mid 1800's.

The engines on these prototypical motorcycles were small and propelled by steam. While the most common type of velocipede known today is the bicycle, there were a number of different types of velocipede available. A typical example of a velocipede is the large wheel bicycle that has a very small wheel on the back that most people think of when they think of antique bikes.

3. The majority of motorcycle riders reside in Asia.

However, motorcyclists around the world receive special privileges due to traffic congestion in some areas. These special privileges include not having to pay fees that apply to other drivers, and the ability to park in more specialized areas than people who drive cars or other automobiles are allowed to. This includes being allowed to park on sidewalks in some areas.

4. There is a set of hand signals that can be used for non-verbal communication between motorcycle riders when they pass one another on the road.

Such signals hold more meaning for those who are involved in biker clubs or similar organizations, and it is not necessary to employ hand signals when you encounter another biker. Non-verbal signals do simply exist. There is a certain camaraderie that is present between motorcycle riders, but everyone interprets things differently unless you come from a group that puts for express guidelines for understanding certain signals.

5. There are special techniques for washing motorcycles because of the exposure of the engine components and because of the presence of chrome plated components.

Certain cleaning supplies can have a negative effect on chrome, so it is necessary for riders to learn how to correctly keep their bike clean and in good running order. Cleaning a motorcycle incorrectly can mar its appearance and/or damage some of the more sensitive engine or electrical components that are present and exposed. Materials that feature chrome have been covered with chromium through an electroplating process for decorative purposes or to strengthen the materials that chrome is being used to cover.

People can see motorcycles every day in any number of different settings. Such visual familiarity can make people feel as if they know what there is to know about motorcycles. However, with some research it will quickly become obvious that there is a lot to learn about motorized bikes.


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