2014 GSX-R1000SE On Sale at 12PM PST on 11/15/2013 – Only 50 Bikes

Today is a special day for all you GSX-R1000 fans as Suzuki Motors announces the extremely limited edition 2014 GSX-R1000SE. The new, limited edition bike goes on sale today at 12PM PST and there are only 50 of them available. Yep, just 50 of them to commemorate Suzuki Motor's 50 years of business in the US and this is one sweet looking bike. I'm certainly drooling over it and wishing I could get my hands on one.

Sure, there's a standard 2014 GSX-R1000 version available too, but this limited edition version has some added features and an amazing look. I love the color scheme! It's sure to turn heads.

2014 GSX-R1000SE - Limited edition. Only 50 bikes in the US.

Check out some of the exclusive features for this 2014 GSX-R1000SE limited edition bike:

  • Mat silver-colored bodywork with special graphics.
  • Polished and chrome plated frame.
  • Wheel rims are machined and polished, wheel spokes are finished with blue painted and clear coat.
  • Blue-anodized front fork adjuster, front damper bolt fork parts comp, chain adjuster, steering stem nut, rear swingarm pivot boss, brake lever, clutch lever.
  • Black-anodized front caliper.
  • Blue-colored and clear coated clutch cover, generator cover, engine sprocket cover, rear shock spring.
  • Polished and clear coated muffler, muffler cover and Black-anodized muffler end cap.
  • Polished and clear coated footrest guard.
  • Mat black swing arm.
  • Special speedometer panel design.
  • Special serial number plate.
  • Special Key fob.
  • Blue-colored fuel tank cap, headlight inner, drive chain, seat.
  • Black-colored radiator, oil cooler.

MSRP: $18,999

Here's how to reserve your new 2014 GSX-R1000SE:

  1. Visit your nearest Suzuki dealer (http://www.suzukicycles.com/dealers) starting November 15, 2013 at 12PM PST.
  2. Fill out the 2014 GSX-R1000SE Order Form and place a deposit of $1,500
  3. The first 50 individuals to complete the requirements and to have the dealer submit it to Suzuki will have the opportunity to own this special motorcycle.

Good luck! And if you're in the area with your new bike, be sure to bring it by so that I can take it for a test drive. The 2014 GSX-R1000SE would also make for a great upgrade to my 2007 GSX-R600 in case anyone wants to trade. (*wink*)

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About the Author: J.M. Stickney is a powersports enthusiast working as the Digital Marketing Manager at GearUp2Go. She loves to ride her Suzuki GSX-R600 on the street or at the track. While not on her bike she spends a lot of time outdoors, writing, reading, running or spending time with her family.

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