All-New 2014 Honda Ranchers

Honda Ranchers have been among the best-selling utility ATVs within the U.S.A. for quite some time and the demand for them continues. They're affordable and tough. What's not to like about that? But Honda hasn't remained on top by standing still. Their 2014 Honda Ranchers lineup includes seven new models with big improvements in just about every area from performance to comfort to style. Let's take a closer look.


2014 Honda Rancher 420cc engineLike previous models, the 2014 Honda Ranchers boast the powerful 420cc engine. But this year, that engine is encased in a stronger, all-new, double-cradle steel chassis providing better protection from the elements and a more rigid frame. With the new 2014 Honda Ranchers, you'll also find better fuel efficiency and a better ride. Do you have a preference in the transmission? No problem, you can choose from semi-automatic-foot-shift manual transmission, push-button EPS shifting or Honda's exclusive fully Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT).


Your backside will appreciate the thicker and softer seat on those extended days in the saddle while your legs will be grateful for the larger fuel tank which could possibly save you from a long trek back to re-fuel. Of course, if you add a Fuel Pack Jr. or two to the mix, you'll be golden. The longer suspension stroke and new damper valving in the front and rear make for better handling and improved maneuverability with all-day-long comfort.

Reduce operating fatigue further with the 4x4 EPS model which offers optimized Electronic Power Steering (EPS). Honda's EPS is sensitive to both torque and speed to give you a bigger boost when you need it or less like while on more technical terrain when more feedback is preferred. Better yet, the EPS units in the new 2014 Honda Ranchers are bolted directly to the chassis for a better, more secure mount.


2014 Honda Ranchers bold new lookWe love the lighter, stronger and more rugged looking frame and bodywork. The bodywork is also one solid piece which, upon removal, allows for easy access to the tank and key parts of the engine. The new digital dash makes maintenance easy with checkup notices displayed directly on the screen. Honda has really gone out of their way this time to leave you with no more excuses for not taking the time to properly maintain your ATV to keep it in good condition and running as long as possible.

To go with the new look, the 2014 Honda Ranchers are available in some new colors like the exclusive Honda Phantom Camo™ and Orange. But don't worry, the original colors like red and green are still available.

2014 Honda Ranchers Comparison

Here's a quick chart (provided by Honda) that shows you a comparison of some of the options available in the seven 2014 Honda Rancher models.

2014 Honda Ranchers Comparison Chart

Base MSRP ranges from $5,199 - $7,399.


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