6 Amazing Websites Where You Can Plan Your Next Motorcycle Adventure

I'll be talking about some great resources people can use to plan motorcycle trips because I'm sure riders will appreciate them.

Did you know there are many resources dedicated to people who love to ride bikes? You can use them to find almost any great route throughout the world. We're going to look at them today because some of the information you find will change your life. If you ride a motorcycle and you don't at least check them out you are definitely shooting yourself in the foot.

Edelweiss Bike Travel

If you want to experience a great motorcycle tour you should definitely think about letting the best company in the world take care of all the details. It's a high class service for people who want the best. The tours even take place all around the world, so just go onto their website and select the continent you want to ride on then see what is available. Because you have a special guide you don't even need to stress yourself out about anything.

Sunday Morning Rides

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Sunday Morning Rides is a website for the average rider who wants to who wants to mix with their fellow motorcycle lovers. It's actually the leading website in the world when it comes to sharing GPS ride maps, so if someone finds an amazing route they can tell you about it and you can follow in their footsteps. You can also read about other people's experiences using different maps before you decide to use one.


MotoWhere will let you find some of the best routes in the world, so if you decide to jump on an airplane the next time you're due a holiday you can ride anywhere you want. You will be able to locate all the high mountain passes, twisty off-road bends, and any other kind of road you love to ride on. You can even create your own routes on the website if you want to help out other people.

America Rides Maps

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When you're riding around the country it's nice to have a very good map in your pocket because you know there will always be something you want to find. It's a lot easier to deviate from the road when you know exactly where to go. Amercia Rides Maps is the place to go when you want the most inexpensive and quality maps available on the web.

Motorcycle Travel America

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When you head off on an adventure it's not enough to know what road you're meant to be riding along. There will obviously be many times when you want to stop and do something. Motorcycle Travel America is great because once you know where you are going you can look to see what attractions, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and tours are littered along the way. Take a note of them and you'll always have somewhere to stop.


This website doesn't have any worldwide information, but if you're only going to be riding around the US you will find everything you ever wanted to know. They have over 2500 routes to choose from and even if you started now you would never have time to get through them all. Plan your rides, or just download the GPS files and you can head off immediately safe in the knowledge you won't get lost.

Take a leap of faith

Some people don't like deviating too far from home, but there are a huge amount of breathtaking rides all over the world you should definitely check out. Take a look at all the websites we've talked about today and you will find something you love. Let us know in the comments below if you know any other great resources motorcycle riders would enjoy.


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