Kolpin Launches UTV Hard Cabs - Product Review

We are here to talk about one of the latest lines of UTV hard cabs to hit the market. There is no mistake that when it comes to launching products that Powersports consumers can relate to, that Kolpin Powersports has tons of experience and success. This past spring Kolpin Powersports did it again when they released a line of extremely “hot” UTV hard cabs that have taken off and been widely successful.  Kolpin launched 9 different cabs that fit the most popular side x side models in the industry with extra attention given to ensure that the bestselling line of UTVs, the Polaris Ranger, was completely covered (no pun intended).  We will be taking a look at what makes these cabs stand out among others as well as why they are an instant front runner for consumers looking for a hard cab for their UTV.

Kolpin Offers UTV Hard Cabs for the Following Popular Models:

Kolpin UTV Hard Cabs on a Polaris Ranger

The Kolpin cabs are manufactured in the Czech Republic by DFK.  DFK has been the leader in European Cabs for over 15 years and has brought a new level of quality, technology and materials to the US with these cabs.  The new Kolpin UTV hard cabs are built with the utmost attention to quality, detail and are equipped with many new customer friendly features.

Kolpin Side X Side Hard Cab Features and Benefits:

  • Best Visibility - These are the only UTV cabs in the marketplace that have a full visibility door that allows for a much safer driving experience, not to mention the aesthetic appeal that consumers love.  The great visibility this cab offers is made possible by 5MM hard coated clear polycarbonate door skin and a heavy-duty tubular perimeter door frame.
  • Quiet Operation - This is certainly an area that has gained a lot of fans for Kolpin.  Riding in a UTV with a cab has never been the best from a noise standpoint, of course because it is a small confined environment with an engine, bumps, and rattles.  But Kolpin has found a way to drastically reduce the “road noise” that you will experience.  In the design and development of this cab they have introduced multiple layers of memory foam and steel to dampen vibration, reduce resonance and absorb noise.  This new memory foam technology has really proven to take cab comfort to the next level and it has been extremely well received by consumers.
Kolpin UTV Hard Cab Front Window
  • Front and Rear Windshields - Both front and rear windshields were made with the safety and usability as the #1 goal. Each windshield is made of the same tempered and laminated safety glass found in standard automobiles.  The front windshield can be used in the completely closed position, open 4-6 inches for air flow, or open at 90 degrees so you get 100% air flow. The cab can be driven with the window in any of these positions, which makes for a very flexible and comfortable diving experience.
  • Cab Doors - The doors on these Kolpin cab are similar to Jeep doors, where they can easily and quickly be lifted off the hinges to provide a much freer cab driving experience. Taking the doors off the cab is literally a 1 minute process to remove both driver and passenger. This can be an extremely nice feature, especially if you live in a climate where day-to-day temperatures can fluctuate significantly.
  • Durability - The entire exterior frame of the Kolpin cab is zinc and powder-coated steel to prevent rust for a lifetime.
  • Weather-Tight Seal - There is nothing worse than a leaking UTV on a long trip to your hunting stand, so Kolpin as equipped each cab with the best automotive type gasket used at all contact surfaces to ensure a dry ride.
Kolpin UTV Hard Cab Slidable Side Window
  • Standard Lockable Sliding Side Windows - This is rare as a standard feature on hard UTV cabs, but Kolpin offers every cab with sliding and lockable cab windows, at no extra cost. These windows are tempered glass and also use the hard coated polycarbonate technology as the full-view side doors. These hard cab UTV windows are a super nice features that will allow you to get air flow when wanted but completely seal off when not in use.
  • Security - Both drivers and passenger doors come with unique keyed locks so you can keep your valuable possessions in the cab without worry of anything getting taken.  This also is a safety feature if you have small children around and don’t want them to have access to your UTV.
  • Options - In addition to providing the best quality cab, Kolpin has taken it the next step and allowed consumers to choose additional options for their machines, such as UTV cab windshield washer and wipers and UTV cab heaters.  Kolpin is making both of these options for the same make and models as the hard cabs.
  • Windshield Washer and Wiper - This is perfectly integrated into the cab design and hosts a washer reserve for fluid and an automotive grade motor and wiper to clean your windshield in all conditions.
Kolpin Cab Heater
  • UTV Cab Heater - These are top of the line cab heaters that are sure to keep you warm all winter long.  They are hot water heaters that tap into your radiator at installation to provide maximum warmth.

If you have been searching for a new cab for your UTV, Kolpin has you covered. With all the new features and technology that has been poured into this cab, you won’t be disappointed.  In addition to being a top-of-the-line hard UTV cab, the pricing is extremely competitive with other hard cabs providing you with a great value.  Kolpin brand products are made with quality you can trust and they have been standing behind their products since 1943.

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About the Author: M. Lutes is the Business Unit Manager at GearUp2Go.com. He keeps the team in line and the business moving forward. He is full of "great" ideas and is always game for another cup of coffee.