Top 5 Motorcycle Rallies In The U.S.

Motorcycle lovers know that hitting the open road is the best way to show biker pride, engage in fun and show off those bikes that so many take pride in and cherish. There are ample motorcycle rallies and rides held throughout the United States during the year and some take top honors in terms of success, longevity and sheer number of participants.

Bike Week In Daytona Beach

This is one of the preeminent events for motorcycle enthusiasts and draws in excess if one-half million bikers from all around the world. The rally spans ten full days and there are plenty of Bike Week specials, entertainment, gatherings and basically fun for all as the roar of those half million bikes set against the Daytona seaside backdrop make this a top notch event.

Bike Week In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, up the coast from Daytona, brings its own spin in their Bike Week. This one runs for one solid week and it brings to life some of the things Myrtle beach is best known for such as shagging (a dance made popular during the 1960's) and plenty of seafood feasts for bikers who attend from all over. Bikers ride and hang out from the southern most portion of Myrtle Beach all the way north to North Myrtle and Cherry Grove.
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Sturgis Rally

The Sturgis rally ranks right up there as being one of the largest motorcycle rallies to hit the United States. Held in South Dakota, this rally has a little something for everyone such as festivals, concerts, food, fun and loads of entertainment. Participants can also find plenty of contests to enter while attending this mega sizes rally.

Rolling Thunder Rally

To show the strong support motorcyclists have for America and the Armed Forces; Rolling Thunder is the annual rally held in Washington D.C. every Memorial Day. This is a one day event, though some come days in advance and linger afterwards to spend time with one another. The highlight of Rolling Thunder is the roar of the bikes as they make their way to the meeting spot that has been the center of attention for years; the Lincoln Memorial.

Harley Love Ride

Harley bikers have plenty of motorcycle rallies and rides to choose from as it is one of the most active groups of cyclists. One of the more well-known and beloved rally is known as the Harley Love Ride and is held in Glendale, California. The participants ride for a cause at this rally as it supports groups such as the USO during the event and the rally draws bikers and Harley lovers from all over California and from across the country.

Regardless of which rally one attends, or if they opt for a smaller and more local ride or rally; the bond between riders that exists during such events is almost indescribable and that is why so many riders go back to such motorcycle rallies time and time again. The fun, the festivities and the sense of being part of something truly special and unique makes motorcycle rallies one of the top pastimes for those who love to ride.


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