7 Essential Hunting Accessories Every Hunter Should Own

Make sure you are prepared for the hunting season with the most essential hunting accessories. Every year around the fall hunting season, we see an increase in sales and demand for certain ATV and side x side accessories. We've put together a list of our favorite hunting gear accessories as well as the favorites of our customers. Check out the bottom of this article too for videos on most of the items discussed.

1. Safe Gun/Bow Transportation

Essential Hunting Accessories - Ratcheting Rhino GripsThere are several ways to safely stow a gun or bow while you drive out to your favorite hunting location. GearUp2Go offers a variety of solutions for safe gun/bow transportation.

  • Rhino Grips
    – Available for all ATVs and UTVs, Rhino Grips offer the most-advanced attachment system for transporting gear safely and securely. They are the only gear grips that feature a 360 degree rotating and multi-angle design adjustable without tools! Rhino Grips come in a variety of shapes, sizes, features and fitments, so be sure to check out our full selection of Rhino Grips. If you need help, call us at 800.920.7574.

  • Overhead Gun Rack - The Great Day Quickdraw Overhead UTV Gun Rack
    fits almost any UTV and is a favorite among our customers. It really is the most ideal way to safely keep your firearms close at hand while keeping them protected. This UTV gun rack holds up to two guns securely in the inside roof area of most UTVs. The gun rack installs in minutes with only a wrench and if your UTV has a covered roof, your high performance rifles and shotguns, including their sensitive sights and scopes are completely protected from the elements.
  • Essential Hunting Accessories - Gun Boot 6.0 TransportGun Boots
    – Gun boots are hard cases (usually with padded interiors or removable soft cases) that can be attached to your side x side or ATV for safe transportation while out on the trails or hunting in the back-40. Most Gun Boots have a hinged opening for easy access so that you can leave the case mounted while you quickly remove your rifle or shotgun. GearUp2Go carries a variety of gun boots, but here are a couple of the most popular ones.
    • Kolpin Gun Boot 6.0 Transport (Bestseller) - The Kolpin Gun Boot 60 Transport is the largest, roomiest way to carry your gun on an ATV or UTV! Featuring a "case within a case" design, this unit easily fits firearms up to 51" in total length. It also provides ample space for the largest scopes and pistol-grip-style stocks.
    • Black Gun Boot IV by Kolpin (Bestseller) - The Gun Boot IV is the most popular and versatile model. It has set the industry standard in hard cases for over 10 years! It is also the only model available in Mossy Oak New Breakup or Realtree Hardwoods. The hard case has an ergonomically-designed handle and molded-in attachment points for a sling. Anatomically designed to accommodate left- and right-hand bolt action rifles and shotguns. It provides ample room for 50mm scopes and even rifles with slings attached.
  • Gun Boot Mounts – A gun boot isn't much good without a mount. Securely attach your gun boot to your UTV or ATV with a variety of mounting brackets and systems.
  • Essential Hunting Accessories - Power-Ride Bow RackBow Racks - There are several racks available for safely transporting your compound or recurve bow. Here are some of the most popular bow racks we offer.
  • Bow Boot - If you don't wish to carry your bow in the open using a rack, you may prefer a hard-shell case. Kolpin offers a Bow Boot Impact case that was specifically designed to accommodate either left or right handed bows with the quiver attached. This boot is perfect for transporting your bow on your ATV or UTV and is also airline approved. It will fit bows up to 42.0" long by 7.75" wide by 14.50" high.
  • Bow Boot Mount - The Bow Boot Mounting Bracket by Kolpin allows you to mount Kolpin's Bow Boots to ATV tubular racks or UTV bed rails (drilling required). This bracket allows for quick and easy attach/detach of the boot.

2. Stealth Exhaust

Essential Hunting Accessories - Stealth Exhaust

Most hunters will agree that a stealth exhaust is definitely high up on the list of essential hunting accessories. Loud ATV and UTV exhaust is one of the largest issues in the recreational world of riding and hunting. Fortunately, it's also relatively easy to remedy with a quick-to-install Stealth Exhaust System by Kolpin. The best part is A Kolpin Stealth Exhaust reduces exhaust noise by up to 50%, or 5-7 decibels. That could mean the difference between spooking that trophy game or bringing that trophy home!

3. Hunting Plot Planting Tools

Essential Hunting Accessories - DirtWorks Implements

Many of you may have done all of your planting in the spring, but for those that still have some fall planting to do, we highly recommend the Kolpin DirtWorks system. GearUp2Go.com offers a variety of planting implements, but our favorite (and the favorite of our customers) is the Kolpin DirtWorks system. It can withstand the toughest abuse and each implement is easy to attach and remove. Plus, Kolpin has thought of it all. They have a helpful, time-saving tool for every step in the planting process and all of their implements works seamlessly together.

Whether you are looking for a chisel plow, scarifiers, cultivators, landscape rakes, rear blades, disc plows and more, Kolpin DirtWorks has what you need. The Kolpin Dirtworks implements are typically universally mountable on most makes and models of UTVs, including the Honda Big Red, John Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule, Kawasaki Teryx, Kubota RTV, Polaris Ranger, Polaris RZR and Yamaha Rhino.

Once you use the DirtWorks system you'll wonder how you managed for so long without it. You'll shave hours off of the laborious process of clearing and planting your hunting plot areas by using these essential hunting accessories for planting your food plots.

4. Winch System

Essential Hunting Accessories - Winch SystemKFI Winch Series Kits are by far the most popular winch systems sold by GearUp2Go. Whether you're on a winding trail, plowing snow or deep in the mud, a reliable winch is the most important accessory a rider or hunter can have. Equip your ATV, UTV or SxS with a KFI WINCH and feel confident you can pull yourself out of any situation. The compact 2000lb Sport Series winch features quality cast aluminum and durable steel components, a compact 2-hole mounting design and a convenient pull clutch. The 2500lb & 3000lb ATV/UTV Series winches feature quality cast aluminum and durable steel components, Water Resistant seals to keep the elements out, a standard 4-hole mounting design and a heavy duty all metal turn clutch. All of the KFI winches are backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty and come with everything you need other than an ATV/UTV model specific winch mount.

5. Great Day PowerLoader

Essential Hunting Accessories - PowerLoader

I love my Great Day PowerLoader. You can load big game (up to 350 lbs) easily with just the push of a button. Great Day's PowerLoader is powered by either a factory-installed or an after-market winch (we recommend at least a 2000 lb unit for maximum performance).

The patented telescopic lifting arms of the PowerLoader retract and curl in seconds to eliminate leverage issues, easily moving loads from ground level to "Locked and Loaded," ready for transport. The PowerLoader installs on any regular 4-wheeled ATV, golf cart vehicle or side x side in just minutes. Don't go hunting without one. PowerLoaders are also great for loading firewood, tool-boxes, ice-chests, sacks of feed or seed, bales of hay, building materials, fence posts and more.

6. Extra Fuel

Never hit the trails without some extra fuel. As far as essential hunting accessories go, there's nothing worse than being stranded deep in the woods and having to trek your way back out on foot and then haul back a gallon or more of fuel. Kolpin makes a 1.5 and 4 Gallon fuel pack to increase your fuel capacity and riding distance. Both Fuel Packs mount easily to your UTV or ATV and have a user-friendly design with molded handles which makes for easy transporting and filing.

7. Camouflaged Gear and Accessories

Essential Hunting Accessories - Camouflage GearThis isn't really just ONE essential hunting accessory, but a collection of items because there really is no limit as to the amount of camouflage you can incorporate into your hunting adventure. So go ahead, blend in with the environment and get into the hunting spirit by decking out yourself and your ATV or side x side with camouflaged gear and accessories.

Essential Hunting Accessories Videos

Check out some videos on the essential hunting gear mentioned in this article.

Kolpin UTV KXP Ratcheting Rhino Grips
Great Day Overhead Gun Rack
UTV Gun Rack - UTV Overhead Gun Rack by Great Day
Gun Boot 6.0 Transport by Kolpin
Gun Boot 6.0 Transport by Kolpin
Kolpin Stealth Exhaust 2.0 with Heath Shield
Kolpin Stealth Exhaust Sound Demo
Kolpin DirtWorks System
KFI ATV Winch Kits
Great Day PowerLoader Demo
Kolpin Fuel Pack Jr. with Bracket
Great Day Power-Ride Bow Rack
Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Bow Rack
Kolpin Bow Boot


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