2014 Yamaha WaveRunner Lineup Released with All-New SVHO Engine

The 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner lineup of 6 new WaveRunners is the largest release in Yamaha's history and it comes packed with two new luxury performance models and the all new Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) marine engine. The SVHO engine is the most powerful engine ever placed in a Yamaha WaveRunner or any other personal watercraft for that matter. Riders will enjoy competition-level performance straight out of the box.

"This is a huge year for Yamaha WaveRunners with the introduction of the most powerful, highest performing engine we've ever placed in a WaveRunner," said Scott Watkins, Yamaha's product manager. "And we didn't just stop at the engine. We enhanced every single performance component surrounding this new engine to get the absolute most performance and dialed in handling we could get. The models featuring our new SVHO engine deliver race ready performance right out of the box."

All-New SVHO Engine

An exciting part of the 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner release is the all-new SVHO marine engine is a 1822cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder supercharged Yamaha marine engine with improved intercooling. Available on some of the 2- and 3-person 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner models, the engine is said to produce 20 percent more power and torque than the current SHO engine. Based on calculations from previous models, it's estimated that the new SVHO engine will crank out around 250 horsepower. That's better than my Grand Prix GT and I thought IT had some get-up to it.

Both entry-level and experienced riders will enjoy the larger supercharger engine that a delivers 60 percent greater boost. The new engine is also more fuel efficient and boasts 110 percent better intercooling power with its new oil cooling system. With the addition of an advanced fuel injection system, a new 160mm jet pump, high-performance impeller, new ride plate and top-loader intake grate, Yamaha has raised the standard in watercraft performance.

Yamaha FX SVHO Luxury Performance Series

2014 Yamaha WaveRunner - FX SVHO 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner - FX SVHO

Yamaha is calling this luxury performance line their new "Flaghship" series models. Both the FX Cruiser SVHO (built for 1-3) and the FX SVHO (built for 1-3) are powered by the new SVHO engine. According to Yamaha, both models also feature the new NanoXcel composite material in the hull and deck, dropping the weight of each model by 65 lbs and improving fuel efficiency and performance by 23 percent.

FX Cruiser SVHO retail: $15,399
FX SVHO retail: $14,799

Yamaha FZ Performance Series

2014 Yamaha WaveRunner - FZS 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner - FZS

The racing-inspired FZ models are back for 2014 but now come equipped with the new SVHO engine and several design updates including new ride plate and top-loader intake grate and sponsons. The FZS (built for 1-3) has an all-new sport textured seat, rally car inspired gauges, under-seat storage, an ergonomically designed reboarding step and a tow hook for added fun on the water. The FZR model (built for 1-2) has a bit more of a racing style but a few less features. It does however sport the telescopic steering for 3 distinct riding positions, an aggressive, sport-bolstered seat and Hydro-Turf Mats.

FZS retail: $14,499
FZR retail: $14,499

Yamaha VX Versatility Series

2014 Yamaha WaveRunner - VX Cruiser 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner - VX Cruiser

This is Yamaha's entry-level WaveRunner. New for 2014 are the VX Cruiser (built for 1-3) and the VX Deluxe (built for 1-3). Both models feature the new NanoXcel composite material, making them 65lbs lighter than previous models and more fuel efficient than ever with better handling and faster acceleration. While not as powerful as the SVHO engine, both VX models still boast a powerful 1052cc, 4-cylinder marine engines.

VX Cruiser retail: $9,799
VX Deluxe retail: $9,499

Images courtesy of Yamaha


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