A Lot of Positive Customer Feedback for GearUp2Go.com. [Infographic]

At the tail end of June 2013, GearUp2Go.com sent out a request for customer feedback. In that request, we also offered a $20 coupon to use toward any purchase at GearUp2Go.com, just for sharing your thoughts. The request was sent via email to all of our customers and promoted via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Having not tried something like this before, we weren't sure what type of response we'd get so when the responses kept filing in, we were ecstatic!

And the Survey Says....

We are always striving to improve the shopping experience of our customers, whether you order online or over the phone, so we were happy to hear that most people are pleased with their GearUp2Go.com shopping experience. Over 90% of respondents reported a "Good" or "Awesome" experience at GearUp2Go.com! Granted, we don't have any way of knowing if we got such great results because the majority of individuals that are really happy with the service and experience at GearUp2Go are the ones that responded. But... it's a start.

We did our best to sort through the responses and organize them into a Customer Feedback Infographic. The infographic depicts the topics or themes that were most prevalent in the results.

Customer Feedback Infographic - GearUp2Go.com

More Customer Feedback

There were a number of other ideas that customers shared with us that were not depicted in the infographic. For example, a lot of folks said that they'd love to see a "Garage" of sorts in their account where you can store details about your vehicles. Other respondents requested the ability to see "Out of Stock" items while some folks also requested features that we already have. From that point, we can clearly see that we need to do a better job in sharing those features.

How GearUp2Go.com Has Responded

Wherever possible, we've made some of the requested changes. Some of the changes will take some time so they are still in the works and we'll announce those in more detail as they happen. But here are some of the things we've put into place so far.

  • Improved Search Capabilities: We've installed a brand new "Intelligent" search tool that allows for better filtering, better results and faster searching. This tool doesn't affect the Year/Make/Model search, but does improve the general parts and accessories search across the site.
  • Cleaner Shopping Cart: We cleaned up the initial shopping cart page to help de-clutter it and make it easier to follow with more information readily available for each product in your cart. Based on user data so far, the shopping cart changes appear to be a good (and helpful) improvement.
  • Product Detail Page Updates: You asked for it, and we agreed that the product detail pages needed some work. We've cleaned up the layout and added better descriptions, more pictures and more videos to our top 50 products. We will continue to enhance more products, but we thought it was important to start with our bestsellers.
  • Improved Website Navigation: We updated the homepage and the left-hand navigation options once you've moved beyond the homepage. The updates we chose were based on how our website was being used and where users were clicking the most. We'd love to hear some on-going customer feedback in this area, so please add a comment if there is something else you'd like to see.

Features You May Not Know About

  • Order History: You can view your order history at any time simply by logging in and going to "My Account." You'll find the link to your account in the upper right corner of the site. Once you've logged in, select "My Orders" from the left-hand navigation to see all previous orders and their status.
  • Wishlist: We brought back this feature earlier this year, but in case you hadn't noticed it, you can now add products to a wishlist. Look for the "Add to Wishlist"  button on the product detail page, just below the product image(s). Once added to your wishlist you can share your list with others, add items from it to your cart or save notes about each product.
  • Price Match Guarantee: Several people asked us for lower prices but we can't get much better than the best. GearUp2Go wants you to get the most for every dollar you spend. We’ll match or beat any competitor price because we want you to get the gear you want for the price you want!

What's Still in the Works?

We have a lot going on behind the scenes, always striving to improve the customer experience. We value your customer feedback and we want you to know that we've heard you and we will continue to improve. Here are some of the things you can expect in the future:

  • Increased Website Speed: As of writing this, we are in the process of evaluating new hosting providers with servers specifically geared toward our back-end eCommerce platform. We have also hired a new team of top-notch developers that are working diligently to squeeze every possible data-crunching millisecond out of the site and increase performance.
  • More Up-To-Date Year/Make/Model Details: We do the best with the team we have, but there are some areas that are in constant need of updating, like keeping our product listings up-to-date with the latest make and model information. We've recently dedicated some resources to this area and we're working on it!
  • More-Specific Email Promotions: More than one respondent provided customer feedback to request model-specific email promotions. We heard you and we are gearing up to move to a more robust email marketing solution that will allow us to do that and much, much more!

Overall, we were very pleased with the level of response we received to our request for customer feedback. The response was so great that we hope to do something like this more often. We learned a lot from the feedback we received and we truly appreciate everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

If you have any other customer feedback you'd like to share about how we're doing, please share your comments below!


About the Author: J.M. Stickney is a powersports enthusiast working as the Digital Marketing Manager at GearUp2Go. She loves to ride her Suzuki GSX-R600 on the street or at the track. While not on her bike she spends a lot of time outdoors, writing, reading, running or spending time with her family.

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