A Hot Weekend at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

Awesome paint job on a rider's bike

July can be a smokin' hot month in Wisconsin. Head about another 175 miles South, just beyond the IL border and you find Blackhawk Farms Raceway where it's even hotter. I know, we Wisconsinites don't know "hot" compared to folks in the South, but those in the South don't know "cold" either. Shorts are still perfectly acceptable in 30 degree weather around here. But I digress…

GearUp2Go was honored to be a supporting vendor at Midwest Track Day's second-ever weekend track school event at Blackhawk during the first weekend in July. Midwest Track Day is an emerging track riding school for motorcyclists of varying skill levels. They travel around to paved tracks in the area for day-long or weekend-long track time events. Those of us from GearUp2Go who ventured south for the event, sweltered in the sun along with the riders on July 6th and 7th (don't laugh, we really did swelter). Turnout was pretty good and each class level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) had a fair number of riders in attendance.

Our GearUp2Go booth at BHF

Usually, when I go to track events, I'm out with my fancy camera taking action shots of all of the riders in our group or I'm out there riding with them, so it was somewhat difficult to adjust to being a vendor and holding down the fort from my one location. Needless to say, however, we still learned a lot from being there. We had a sampling of our products with us – things we thought riders might need throughout the day for on-the-spot replacements or fixes. We got to speak to a lot of the riders and were able to help out a few with some needed parts or accessories. We also held a t-shirt giveaway and handed out free ice water at lunch.

Another cool paint job on a rider's bike

It was our first time at an event like this so we took notes of anything people asked for that we didn't have. Next time we'll know to bring more GoPro accessory grab bags, SD cards (mini and standard), knee pucks, miscellaneous bolt packs and possibly a lap timer or two. A few people asked for items that are useful for more than just while at the track like Canyon Dancers, mechanics gloves, locking pins and brake pads. We thought about bringing brake pads, but there are so many to choose from and each bike requires something different. It's hard to have the right kind for everyone or even the most popular bikes, but we'll be sure to keep that in mind for next time.

What accessories or parts would you want to have available if you were at a motorcycle track weekend?


About the Author: J.M. Stickney is a powersports enthusiast working as the Digital Marketing Manager at GearUp2Go. She loves to ride her Suzuki GSX-R600 on the street or at the track. While not on her bike she spends a lot of time outdoors, writing, reading, running or spending time with her family.

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