Kolpin Dirtworks System with 3-Point Hitch

Sometimes your old standby just can’t get the job done.  The Kolpin Dirtworks System adds the ultimate utility to your utility vehicle and lets you turn your ATV into the tractor you’ve always wanted!  Best of all, it will quickly and easily attach to any ATV.  Whether you’re ripping up the dirt or preparing food plots, Dirtworks has you covered!   So before you get discouraged, turn your ATV into the tractor you’ve always wanted!

Kolpin Dirtworks System Components

  • Kolpin Dirtworks System - 3 Point HitchKolpin 3 Point Hitch - The Kolpin 3 Point hitch from the Kolpin Dirtworks System will attach to any ATV, UTV, or small tractor on the market with minimal installation.  The Three point hitch even comes with electric thumb toggle to lower and raise your ATV, UTV, or tractor implements so you don’t have to get off your machine on every pass.

Kolpin Dirtworks System - Tool Bar

  • Kolpin Tool bar for Three Point Hitch - The bar is needed to mount most implements to the Three point hitch.  This is a necessary part of the Kolpin Dirtworks System to change implements in and out as the work requires.  Some people even buy multiple tools are for quicker switching of implements.  The Tool bar come in a 48 “ inch or 60” inch version.

Kolpin Dirtworks System - Disc Plow

  • Kolpin Disc Plow - The Disc is a fundamental piece of the Kolpin Dirtworks System.  It is used to break up ground that will eventually be planted.  It is a heavy duty implement that does much of the heavy lifting for your hunting food plot or hobby farm.
  • Kolpin Cultivator Set - The Kolpin Cultivator is used to break up ground that has been disced by the Kolpin Disc plow implement system.  This creates a nice seed bed for any type of planting.

Kolpin Dirtworks System - Cultivator Set

  • Kolpin Chisel Plow - The chisel plow is used to prepare virgin or not often work ground for planting.  This is a tough implement that can be used in tons of situations and has many uses around the farm or on the back 40.  Many people also use the Kolpin Dirtworks System chisel plow and the scraper in conjunction to smooth areas of ground out. You will find lots of uses for this rugged ATV or UTV implement.

Kolpin Dirtworks System - Chisel Plow

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