Snow's Coming! KFI Snow Plow Product Review

I hate to say it, but snow will be flying soon..... Have you thought about getting a snow plow for this snow season?  Do you know what features to look for?  Today, I'm going to walk you through the KFI ATV Snow Plow system.

KFI’s new plow system brings an essential winter duty to your your favorite all terrain machine. Installation is a huge factor in any purchase.  This plow is easy to install, right out of the boxes. Unlike other systems the push tube system comes pre-assembled. Shaving down installation time and getting you into the action fast. Only a few tools are necessary, which is a plus!

The plow blade bolts to the push tubes and the mid-vehicle mount bolts permanently to your machine, that's it!  When the snow start falling just 2 pins separate you from hearty snow clearing power. Lifting is provided by your existing winch with enough room to raise your plow for going over curbs and driving up onto trailers with ease. The mid-frame mount moves the stress of plowing from the push tubes back to the frames where it belongs.  This saves your plow from wear and tear. The rock solid 50 gauge steel frame holds up against 50,000 psi of pressure, while the high clearance anti-snag profile on the mounting plate keeps you from getting caught on logs and brush when the trail comes calling again in spring.  The blade positions in 5 different angles with just the pull of a single pin.  This enables you to approach your snow problem from just the right direction.

The KFI ATV Snow Plow system is made with pride here in the USA, and ready for deployment immediately in your winter wonderland. Choose from 3 different blades made especially for your job. Upgrade your snow clearing technology, order your KFI ATV Plow System today from GearUp2Go.

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