Cooter Brown Stereo & Speaker Pod Review

Thanks to one of our customers who submitted a review for the Cooter Brown Stereo & Speaker Pod by Extreme Metal Products (Part #10593).

Cooter Brown Stereo & Speaker Pod Part # 10593

This Stereo consist of two marine speakers and a Sony AM/FM with an IPod docking station. The Radio is located under a weather proof enclosure. It also comes with a remote control so you will never need to open the radio cover to make adjustments. The unit was very easy to install to the Cooter Brown Poly roof. You do have to drill four holes in your top to mount the radio. The radio comes with a built in antenna for local reception. Several of the options that I like over an IPod only player was the AM/FM Radio with weather channels for emergencies. I also like the Sony Radio with an equalizer and the hidden IPod dock or you can use a USB Drive. Unit comes with cable that is long enough to connect to your battery and was very easy to wire.



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