How to Choose a UTV Windshield

Windshields are great but knowing which UTV windshield works best for your vehicle and does what you want it to do, can be a bit tricky. To help you out, we cover the basics of selecting a UTV windshield plus some features and benefits of full and half windshields. After reading this short overview, you'll be able to make an informed decision and select the UTV windshield that's best for you..

UTV Windshield Types

  • Full Windshield - provides complete front protection from wind, dust and debris for your side-by-side. This type of windshield generally mounts to the roll cage using Quick-Connect Clamps which provide easy installation and stability. 
    Full Tilting UTV Windshield Full Tilting UTV Windshield
  • Full Vented Windshield - similar to the full UTV windshield but it incorporates a sliding vent grill to control the amount of airflow into the cabin.
  • Full Tilting Windshield - incorporates a three-position tilt mechanism allowing you to adjust it from fully closed, to half extended, to fully extended. You also have the ability to quickly remove the top panel, creating a convenient half windshield. This is a very versatile UTV windshield and one of the most popular styles.
  • Half Fixed Windshield - as expected, this type of UTV windshield only covers half the machine and is not adjustable in any way.  It's the perfect windshield for warmer climates since it allows maximum air flow while riding and also protects the passengers from mud or other debris.
  • Half Folding Windshield - this is also a great UTV windshield for warmer climates as it only covers half of the vehicle. It's enough to keep the wind and mud at bay, but it has an extremely durable and versatile folding system which allows you to lower the top portion of the panel and secure it into place for even more airflow.
    Half Fixed UTV Windshield Half Fixed UTV Windshield
  • Rear Windshield - this is of course for the rear portion of the vehicle, just behind the seats. Unlike front UTV windshields, they come as a solid panel without venting, folding or tilting options.

When we’re out riding we prefer the full tilting windshield because you can get a lot of air flow when wanted, or you can close it up for maximum protection. We’ve had all different types of windshields on our machines throughout the years and the full tilting windshield has definitely lasted the longest.

How Much Will a Good UTV Windshield Cost?

When it comes down to it, you really do get what you pay for with a UTV windshield. You can find inexpensive windshields, but what you'll get is a panel that's easily scratched or that will bow while driving. And you can forget leaving it on while trailering your UTV anywhere. Anything that is flexible is going to fold in or rip with the excessive force that you have at highway speeds.

The windshields we sell at GearUp2Go are all made of high-quality materials and are meant to last. If you're looking for a UTV windshield that's safe for trailering, make sure it's made of extra thick plastic or lexan material.  GearUp2Go does not recommend you trailer any type of UTV with a windshield that is very thin or made of vinyl plastic. Always remove the windshield before loading it up on a trailer.

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