How My New Kolpin Winch Makes My Business Run Smoother!

Gear Up 2 Go has been a savior to me.  My industry is buying, improving, and selling farms so a ton of my time is spent on side by side atvs cruising the job site.  As you can guess, I get into some pretty sticky situations.  Going into atv dealerships trying to find the right accessories has become a nightmare.  Gear Up 2 Go has saved me a ton of time.  Recently I ordered the Kolpin 2500lb ATV/UTV Winch with the Steel Cable.  That thing is a beast and has got me out of some sticky situations. Getting stuck is a good way to ruin half a day.  Whether you are using for business like me where wasting a day can cost significant money and progress or you are using for pleasure when you may only be able to get out once or twice a month, there is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck...especially if you are by yourself without phone coverage.  This winch has literally saved me days of work.  It sits on the front of my John Deer Gator and hasn't slowed it down a bit.  

The strength behind this wench is amazing.  I have hooked it up to everything imaginable...fence posts, trees, other atvs, etc... and it has always pulled my Gator out with ease.  Even more impressive, this thing winds back it very well.  Previous winches that I have owned reel back in very sloppy, resulting in a tangled mess that  usually results in big knots.  So far, the Kolpin winch has remained very organized and neat looking.  I cant recommend this thing enough.  If you are a hunter or recreational rider that finds yourself in rough or sloppy terrain, grab this thing to assure you dont lose time stuck in the mud. 

I have not had to return any products yet to Gear Up 2 Go because you guys are great at making sure the products that I order go with the specific atv that I own, but a few friends of mine have nothing but good things to say about your customer service and return policy.  Keep up the good work and thanks for making my life easier.

John OReilly

Illinois Land Company

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