Snowmobile Trip to Land O' Lake, WI


by Cortney Marquardt

The trip was planned months in advance of our hopeful outlook that we would have enough snow to ride this year. If you are a snowmobiler you know that this year has had its ups and downs but taking every chance you can get to get some riding in since we have very few months of this loved sport.  

With our accommodations booked in advance having to cancel them a few days prior made it harder to find a spot with snow that having any hope of an available open room.  The internet is a great thing for snowmobilers and being able to plan ahead. You don’t just have to take a chance on if they have snow or if you are going to get stiffed once you get up there and not be able to ride. Web cams and trails reports are very helpful and make it easier to make those decisions.

With our decision made we headed north! Which every person that loves to snowmobile knows the meaning of heading “NORTH”. With a five hour trip ahead of us we get anxious and want to be there in the snap of a finger. 

With three days of being able to ride some good and some bad trails you take what you can get. We finished out the couples trips with 350 miles. Not the worst but definitely could have been better. With us die hard riders we were just happy to be riding and not at work! J 

Having a newer sled this year of a different brand than previous years and wanting to ride every chance you can get I was able to sport the clothing of the new brand with the help of Gear Up 2 Go. They were extremely helpful and have GREAT customer service which goes above and beyond what they are expected. I would recommend and always come back to purchase from their website. 

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