RZR Front Bumper / Brush Guard with Winch Mount by EMP

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This bumper that has the durability and strength to survive the extreme trails you ride on!
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SKU: 12375
Brand: Extreme Metal Products


RZR Front Bumper / Brush Guard with Winch Mount (XP1K and 2015-16 RZR 900)

Finally,a bumper that has the durability and strength to survive the extreme trails you ride on!

Comes complete with a built in winch mount.providing you the capability to add a winch and never get stuck again!

RZR Front Bumper / Brush Guard with Winch Mount Features:

  • Made from 1/8" thick and 3/16" thick American Steel.
  • Powder coated texture black for superior protection.
  • Mounts behind the radiator, unlike factory bumpers.
  • Fits most winches up to 3500 lbs.
  • Allows you to mount your winch up high out of the mud and water or behind the radiator (see notes below if mounting behind the radiator).
  • Top Mounting Accepts both wide Spool UTV Winches (6-5/8” x 3” deep, bolt pattern) and Standard Spool UTV Winches (4-7/8” Wide x 3” Deep, Bolt Pattern).
  • Laser Cut and CNC Formed to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Laser Cut EMP Logo.
  • Made In Cleveland,Ohio.
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

2018 Fitments

  • 2018 RZR 900 XC

2017 Fitments

  • 2017 RZR 900 XC

2016 Fitments

  • 2016 RZR XP 1000
  • 2016 RZR XP 1000 4
  • 2016 RZR 1000 S
  • 2016 RZR 900 XC
  • 2016 RZR 900 S
  • 2016 RZR 900 4

2015 Fitments

  • 2015 RZR 1000
  • 2015 RZR 1000 4
  • 2015 RZR 900
  • 2015 RZR 900 XC
  • 2015 RZR 900 S
  • 2015 RZR 900 4

2014 Fitments

  • 2014 RZR XP 1000
  • 2014 RZR XP 1000 4

RZR Front Bumper/Brush Guard

P/N: EMP-12375, 13056, and 12645-LED ]

Fits: 2014-16 XPlK and 2015-16 RZR 900 


1. (1) Front Brush Guard (12375-01)

2. (I) Bash Plate (12375-03)

3. (2) Side Brackets (LH & RH) (12375-03)

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_1

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_2

Hardware Kit:

1. (2) Triangle Nut Plates (12375-04)

2. (1) Double Nut Plate (12375-05)

3. (2) U-Bolts (BR3043T37)

4. (15) 3/8-16 x l" Black CatTiage Bolts

5. (21) 3/8" Flat Washers - Zinc

6. (20) 3/8" Nylon Nuts - Zinc

7. (2) 3/8" -16 x 1-1/2" Bolts

8. (2) 3/8" -16 x l" Flange Bolts-Zinc

9. (I) Logo Sticker 

If you have smart phone you can scan the QR code and watch the installation instructions or go to our website to watch it. 

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_3

If you have smart phone you can scan the QR code and watch the installation instructions or go to our website to watch it.

Installation should only be done by a qualified Technician.


1. Set Parking Brake.

2. Remove front hood Uust the top hood with 1/4 turn knobs).

3. Using the Triangle Nut plates, 1-1/2" bolts, and washers attach the LH and RH brackets to the frame. The nut plate goes under the frame. The bolt will go down tlu·ough the top. The weld nuts are locking nuts and will be very hard to tighten. DO NOT TIGHEN YET.

4. Install the U-bolts around the tubular frame then up through the brackets putting the nuts and washers on top (see fig. 3). DO NOT TIGTHEN YET.

5. Attach the bottom of the bash plate to the frame using the Double Nut Plate and (2) 3/8-16 x l" Flange bolts. The nut plate goes behind your frame. These are locking weld nuts and will be hard to tighten. DO NOT TIGHTEN YET.

6. Attach the bumper to the Side Brackets and Bash Plate using the Carriage bolts, washers, and Nylon nuts (see fig 7). DO NOT TIGHTEN YET.

7. Now, if everything looks correct go ahead and tighten all your bolts and hardware.

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_4

Winch Installation.

You have two options:

Top Mounted:

You can install either a regular spool or wide spool UTV winch on top. The bolt patterns are 4-7/8" Wide x 3" Deep (regular spool) and 6-5/8" Wide x 3" Deep (wide spool). This will allows you to mount up to a 4000 lb winch on top. You will use the fairlead bracket that came with your winch. If you do not have one you can purchase EMP PIN: 10906. Follow the instructions that came with your winch from here. 

Frame Mounted: This option will allow you to mount the winch down below behind the radiator. To mount it here you will also need a winch mount EMP PIN: 12363. Follow the winch mount directions and your instructions that came with yow-winch from here. There are two thing to note if you are going with this option. 

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_5


You will need an extra Fairlead like the one that came with your winch. One to go on the bash plate (see fig. 6) and one to go where the instructions for winch mount PIN: 12363 shows to install it.


When installing a winch behind the radiator you can only use a regular spool winch with a 4-7 /8" x 3" bolt pattern. The frame is not wide enough for a wide spool winch to be used in this location. 

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_6RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_7

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_8

RZR_Front Bumper/Brush Guard_12375_9


Using more than a 4000 lb winch could cause serious injury or death. This product was not designed for more than a 4000 lb winch. 

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Front Bumper/Brush Guard with Winch Mount Review by Jim
The bumper is strong and durable and comes with a winch mount. Great product (Posted on 8/5/2015)

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