Polaris RZR Flip Up Windshield by EMP

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The Polaris RZR Flip Up Windshield is built from hard-coated polycarbonate that is virtually unbreakable and customized so that riders can adjust their windshield between closed, slightly vented, vented and completely open. It’s the ideal add-on for UTV riders looking for a little climate control and added functionality.
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SKU: 12810
Brand: Extreme Metal Products

Polaris RZR 1000 and RZR 900 Flip Up Windshield by EMP

Few things in off-road life are as sweet as the ability to ride your side-by-side no matter what the weather brings. The Polaris RZR Flip Up Windshield is one of those drool-worthy upgrades that can give you the protection you need when the weather gets rough, and the easy adjustability you need when it’s time to let in the breeze. Add the endless durability and simple mounting mechanisms that EMP is known for, and it’s hard to imagine a better way to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Polaris RZR Flip Up Windshield by Extreme Metal Products has a brilliant design that can adjust to four different positions: open, closed, and two levels of vented. The ability to quickly flip up the front windshield is especially useful for hunting, and gas struts allow you to leave it up while cruising under 5 MPH. In the closed position, the windshield runs all the way up to the top to fit snugly under the stock visor, giving those trail-runners riding through colder climates a great defense against freezing rain and snow. Pro tip: for added warmth, combine the Polaris RZR Flip Up Windshield with a canvas cab and a heater for the ultimate off-road heat box.

Flip Up windshield for RZR Features:

  • Made from Hard-Coated Polycarbonate (Hard-Coated on both sides).
  • Adjusts to four positions;open,closed and two vented positions.
  • Seals along the top.
  • Gas Struts hold it open.
  • All the mounting hardware is made from Billet aluminum and steel making it very durable
  • Made In Cleveland,Ohio.

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

2018 Fitments

  • 2018 RZR XP 1000
  • 2018 RZR 1000 S

2017 Fitments

  • 2017 RZR XP 1000
  • 2017 RZR 1000 S

2016 Fitments

  • 2016 RZR XP 1000
  • 2016 RZR XP 1000 4
  • 2016 RZR 1000 S
  • 2016 RZR 900

2015 Fitments

  • 2015 RZR 1000
  • 2015 RZR 1000 S
  • 2015 RZR 1000 4
  • 2015 RZR 900

2014 Fitments

  • 2014 RZR XP 1000
  • 2014 RZR XP 1000 4


RZR Flip-Up Windshield
Fits: 2014-17 RZR XPlK, 2015-17 RZR 900 and 2016-17 RZR 1000-S

Installation Instructions:

Tools Needed:
• 7 /16" Socket
• ½" Wrench
• Phillips Screw Driver (large)
• Allen Wrench (provided)
• T-40 Torx Driver

• (1) Aluminum Top Filler Panel - Black (12810-01)
• (1) Piano Hinge (12377)
• (1) ¼" x 38" Bubble Edge Trim (bubble on top)
• (1) 7" Long Z-Bracket -Black {12810-04)
• {2) Hold Open Brackets (Drivers and Passengers sides, 12810-02)
• (2) Window support and Gas Strut Brackets 13" Long {Drivers and Passengers
sides, 12810-05)

Hardware Kit:
• (2) 1-3/4" Rubber Coated Straps (light duty½" wide)
• {17) ¼-20 x ¾" Truss Head Screws - Black
• {2) ¼-20 x 1" Truss Head Screws - Black

• {19) ¼-20 Flange Nylon Nuts - Black
• {2) ¼-20 Thin Nylon Nut - Clear Zinc Plated
• (2) 5/16-18 Nylon Flange Nuts
• (2) ¼" White Nylon Washer (1/16" thick) (S.W. P/N: 08933)
• (4) Ball Studs (BSlOl-02, 5/16" Thread)
• (2) Gas Strut (GGS20-030-K)
• (2) Wide Billet Strap clamps with 5/16-18 Threads (12808, for top of struts)
• (2) Billet Strap clamps with M8 threads (12808, for bottom of struts)
• (2) M8 x 1.25 Thumbscrews (6112110)
• (1) EMP LOGO Sticker

***CAUTION- Windshield is not meant to be driven or trailered in the
open position. Serious injury / death can result if left open while moving
at more than 5 MPH.***


• Screw the hinge to the poly windshield and the top aluminum part using the ¼-20 x
¾" black Phillips screws and ¼-20 black nylon nuts. You will not be using the outer
holes on the top leaf of the hinge at this time. (See Fig. 1)

NOTE: Do not use an impact or cordless drill to tighten the screws. You can crack the
plastic if you over tighten them. You just want the screw to be snug and into the
nylon part of the nut.

• Assemble the hold open bracket to the window support bracket.

(See Fig. 2) You will be using the THIN ¼-20 Nylon nuts (zinc plated). Do not use the
black nuts here. The white nylon bearing washer will go between the two parts.
Make sure you do not tighten all the way. This must rotate freely but not wobble.

• Bolt the ball stud to the bracket using the 5/16" nylon nut. (See Fig. 2) The stud will
only go into the correct hole. It will be too big for the wrong hole.

• Repeat for the other side.

• Screw the assembly to the poly windshield using {3) ¼-20 x 3/4" long black screws and
{3) black nylon flange nuts per side. (See Fig. 3)

NOTE: Do not use an impact or cordless drill to tighten the screws. You can crack the
plastic if you over tighten them. You just want the screw to be snug and into the
nylon part of the nut.

• Attach the top to the visor using the stock bolts and a T-40 Torx Bit. Attach the
bottom of the top piece to the windshield with the straps around the cage on each
side. Use the ¼-20 X 1" long phillips screws, and the remaining¼" black nylon nuts.
(See Fig. 4)

• Slide the wide billet strap clamp around the tube near the upper notch on the

• (See Fig. 5) The notches are only for reference and are not the exact location. The
nut goes toward the front of the vehicle.

Caution: This will snap into place so keep your fingers clear and wear gloves.

• Slide the thinner billet strap clamp around the tube near the lower notch in the
windshield. Again, this is just for reference and may need to be adjusted.

• Attach the top of the gas strut to the top ball stud. Then tighten the top billet strap

• Screw the thumbscrews into the lower billet clamp.

• Attach the Z-bracket to the (2) studs on the top part using {2) black nylon nuts. This
will make a clamp to stiffen the windshield. You are clamping it to the stock visor.
(See Fig. 6)

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_1

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_2

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_3

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_4

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_5

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_6

RZR FlipWindshield_12810_7

 RZR FlipWindshield_12810_8

 RZR FlipWindshield_12810_9

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Flip Up Windshield Review by Darren
The glass is very strong and can be flipped up or down as will. Awesome product (Posted on 8/5/2015)

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