Polaris Ranger Mid Size Full-Tilting Windshield by Kolpin

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The Polaris Ranger 2010-2014 400/500/EV & Polaris Crews Full-Tilting Windshield by Kolpin protects you and your passengers from the elements.
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Brand: Kolpin Powersports

How to pick a windshield for your UTV

Polaris Ranger Mid Size Full-Tilting Windshield by Kolpin

The Polaris Ranger 400/500/EV Full-Tilting Windshield by Kolpin protects you and your passengers from the elements. This versatile windshield incorporates a three-position tilt mechanism allowing you to adjust it from fully closed, to half extended, to fully extended. You also have the ability to quickly remove the top panel, creating a convenient half windshield. This is the toughest windshield available made from the best materials on the market! Can be bought in conjunction with the 2631 rear windshield from kolpin for the ultimate protection!

Polaris Ranger Full-Tilting Windshield Features:

  • Features a three-position tilt mechanism to control airflow
  • Constructed of ultra-thick, high-quality, scratch-resistant 1/4" MR10 GE Lexan polycarbonate
  • Super-smooth edges and custom bend design provides maximum rigidity
  • Custom injection-molded nylon mounting brackets
  • All stainless steel, black-coated finish hardware
  • Fits entirely between the roll bars
  • Easy to install and no drilling required
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

2014 Fitments

  • 2014 Ranger EV
  • 2014 Ranger Crew 570 (Midsize)
  • 2014 Ranger 400/500/570/800 (Midsize)

2013 Fitments

  • 2013 Ranger EV
  • 2013 Ranger Crew 500
  • 2013 Ranger 400/500/800 (Midsize)

2012 Fitments

  • 2012 Ranger EV
  • 2012 Ranger Crew 500
  • 2012 Ranger 400/500

2011 Fitments

  • 2011 Ranger EV
  • 2011 Ranger Crew 500
  • 2011 Ranger 400/500

2010 Fitments

  • 2010 Ranger 400/500


Please read and understand these instructions completely before installation to avoid injury to yourself, damage to the vehicle or accessory. 

Be certain to follow all specifications.  For proper installation, two people are required 

Dealer:  These instructions contain important information for future reference and must be given to the customer at time of purchase or upon completion of installation.  Torque specifications must be followed when tightening bolts. 


1. Installation 

a) To apply the edge guard (Item C) to the lower windshield (Item B), find a clean

flat area where you can lay down the windshield.  Partially remove the protective film

on both sides and apply the edge guard using manual pressure to ensure good

adhesion to the windshield. 


b) To apply the foam cushion (Item D) to the upper windshield (Item A), find a

clean flat area where you can lay down the windshield.  Partially remove the

protective film and apply the self adhesive foam cushion using manual pressure

to ensure good adhesion to the windshield.

       2630_3                              2630_4

c) Attach clamps (Item E & F) to the roll cage of your vehicle as per drawings.  The 2 lower

clamp sets will be used to attach the lower windshield and must be installed with the

threaded inserts facing the front of the vehicle.  The remaining (2) clamp sets will be

used to attach the upper windshield.  Install them by ensuring that the threaded

inserts are aligned from right to left of the roll cage.  Do not tighten at this stage;

you will need to make  adjustments later on.

                                                                                                   2630_5       2630_6

d) Install the lower windshield to all four lower clamps using supplied hardware (Item G) without applying final torque.  Adjust the position of the windshield (For height reference; the center arch edge guard should be the only part in contact with the hood) and tighten all screws with specified torque indicated below.  Ensure that the windshield is perfectly level before tightening.  If the windshield isn’t level, windshield functions will be affected.  Over tightening clamps to roll bar could cause parts failures. 

    2630_7    2630_8   2630_9


e) To attach pivot components to upper windshield (Item A), as per step a), find a clean flat area where you can lay down the windshield.  Partially remove the protective film where components (Item H & I) are to be attached and follow drawings below.  All screws that are passing through the windshield will be tightened later in step f).   Do not over-tighten the screws that combine the slide arm with the lower pivot, those 2 parts need to swivel.  

2630_21     2630_12

f) Install upper pivot cylinder adaptors to clamps as per drawings. Tighten all socket cap screws M6 x 45. (Do not tighten the screws that hold the clamp to the roll cage.  They will be tightened at next step) 

2630_13       2630_14

g) Attach upper windshield to the machine by following instructions below. 

1. Make sure that both upper clamps are at the same height .

2. Hold the upper windshield horizontally and slide it down by ensuring that both upper

pivot cylinder adaptors are going through the upper pivot as per drawing #1

        2630_15                 2630_16




3. Pull gently on the windshield as per drawing #2 towards the front of the vehicle for the upper pivot to slide to the end onto the upper pivot cylinder adaptor.

4. Lower the windshield as per drawing #3 and the upper pivot will catch the second upper pivot cylinder adaptor.

5. Adjust the height of the upper clamp first by ensuring the overall leveling.

6. Tighten all screws regarding the upper pivot. 

7. Adjust the height of the clamp to the lower pivot and slide arm and use ‘T’ knob to lock in place.  Drawing #4 shows the position you should have when windshield is closed. 

8. Tighten all remaining screws and nuts. 

To operate the tilt mechanism:

 Simply loosen both ‘T’ knobs (without removing them) and push on the upper windshield from the inside of the cab until the desired position is reached.  Then tighten knobs.  Note that there are 3 predetermined positions on the slide arm; closed, half-opened and fully-extended. 

  • The tilt mechanism is designed for cooling the airflow in warm temperatures. 
  • Note that any open positions are designed for low-speed operation ONLY. 
  • At high speed riding or when transporting the vehicle, the windshield must be closed. 

To remove the upper windshield:

Remove both ‘T’ knobs and follow reverse instructions 4, 3 & 2 of step #g).

2.  Maintenance and Care

Tighten all hardware after first use and periodically thereafter. 


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