Honda Pioneer 500 Scatch Resistant Flip windshield by SuperATV

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This windshield is easy to install and is constructed of 1/4" AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate which features a proprietary hard coat technology that offers protection against chemical and UV attack. Easy to install. All hardware included.
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SKU: FWS-H-PIO500-70
Brand: SuperATV

Honda Pioneer 500 Scatch Resistant Flip windshield

SuperATV’s flip windshield is one of the best windshields on the market. They started with the strongest, thickest, most scratch resistant material. The industry leading 1/4” thick AR is much stronger than your average UTV windshield. The material is hard coated on both sides to provide scratch resistance for years of use. Manufactured in SuperATV's facility in Madison, Indiana.

Help protect you and your passenger from sticks and other flying debris while blazing the trail with a SuperATV windshield. Each windshield is a super tough polycarbonate construction with a bottom seal that’s contoured to your ride’s design.

All SuperATV windshields come complete with all hardware and instructions needed to make installation a breeze.

Honda Pioneer 500 Scatch Resistant Flip windshield Features:

  • 1/4” AR abrasion resistant polycarbonate
  • windshields are hard coated on both sides for extreme durability
  • Protects against chemical and UV attack
  • Contoured to hood with full length rubber seal for a great fit
  • Easy to install – comes with all necessary hardware and instructions
  • Can be used with soft or hard tops
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

2017 Fitments

  • 2017 Pioneer 500

2016 Fitments

  • 2016 Pioneer 500

2015 Fitments

  • 2015 Pioneer 500

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_1

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_2

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_3

                                                                                                           Lower Windshield (B)


             - Insert Rubber Grommets into Lower Windshield (B). Tip; apply soapy water to Rubber Grommets.

             - Install Inserts into Rubber Grommets.

             - Install Hood Seal to bottom of Windshield. 

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_4

         - Install Catch, part of Latch Assembly (D), to Lower Windshield (B); place Latch Support (J) on bottom section of Lower Windshield (B) and secure with hardware                shown.

         - Install Clamp (F) to Driver Support (G) with hardware shown; secure assembly to Lower Windshield (B) with hardware shown.

         - Repeat for opposite side.

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_5

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_6

             Install (2) Lower Clamps (L) to machines Roll Cage.

           - Install Lower Windshield assembly to machine; Use hardware provided with Lower Clamp (L) and Clamp (F) to secure.

           - Install provided Gasket to Lower Windshield (B).

           - Hood Seal to be in contact with Hood.

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_7

                                                                               Upper Windshield (A)

         - Install Handle and Support and Handle, part of Latch Assembly (D), to Upper Windshield (A) with hardware shown.

         - Install Pivot Blocks (E) to Upper Windshield (A) with hardware shown.

         - Install Clamp (F) and Support (K) to Pivot Block (E) with M8 Shoulder Bolt.

         - Repeat for opposite side.

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_8


- Install and secure Upper Windshield (A) to Roll Cage with bolts included with Clamps (F).

Honda Pioneer™ 500_Flip Windshield_FWS-H-PIO500-70_9

        - Engage Latch and align Windshield assembly to machine.

       - Tighten all hardware completely.


         Windshield Cleaning:

         - Do not use a dry cloth, or your hands, to wipe off Windshield; Scratching will occur.

         - Do not use window cleaning fluids (Windex, 409, etc) or any solvents (gasoline, denatured alcohol, acetone, etc).

         - Never use abrasive cleaners, abrasive pads, or gritty cloths.

           1. Thouroughly rinse Windshield to float off dirt and mud.

           2. Using a soft cloth, or microfiber cloth, clean Windshield with warm water and a gentle detergent. Baby shampoo or hand washing soap are recommended.

           3. To prevent water spots, use a chamois and blot Windshield dry.


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