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GearBuck$ - Start earning points today and get stuff!

GearUp2Go GearBuck$ Rewards Program

Earn cash-back on all purchases and more! Earn 1 GearBuck Reward Point for every $25 you spend. Each point equals $1. That's 4% cash back on all purchases.

We want you to know how much we appreciate you, so go ahead, sign up and start earning points today.


GearUp2Go GearBuck$ can be earned on all purchases made by registered customers of*.

Signing up is easy and FREE! Simply Login or Create an Account and start earning GearBuck$ today - no purchase necessary!

How It Works

  •   Automatically earn 4% cash back on all purchases (does not include shipping or tax) - Each point equals $1.
  •   Automatically earn GearBuck$ points for other non-sales actions on the site (see below).
  •   Accumulated GearBuck$ points are redeemable on future purchases and never expire.
  •   You may redeem some or all of your GearBuck$ points on any purchase*. 
  •   You MUST be a registered customer of and logged in to redeem or earn GearBuck$ for your actions or purchases.
  •   Once redeemed, the total balance of the GearBuck$ being redeemed is deducted from your total GearBuck$ balance.
  •   Any earned or redeemed GearBuck$ points are cancelled/removed on cancelled/returned orders.
  •   Redeem up to $40 worth of GearBuck$ per transaction.

5 Ways to Earn Points

  1.   Earn 1 GearBuck$ Point for creating a customer account on this site.
  2.   Earn 1 GearBuck$ Point for every $25 you spend. That's a 4% cash-back reward.
  3.   Earn 1 GearBuck$ Point when you refer a friend after checkout. Your friend will receive a 4% off discount code.
  4.   Earn 1 GearBuck$ Point when you subscribe to our email list/newsletter.
  5.   Earn 1 GearBuck$ Point for reviewing a product you've purchased.

*NOTE: You can use up to $40.00 worth of points per transaction.

Spending Points

Points accumulate in your account with each purchase and may be redeemed on future orders with during the checkout process.

  1.   Add item(s) to your cart and click "Checkout" 
  2.   Under Step 3: Payment Method, select "Spend Your Points" 
  3.   Select the number of points you wish to redeem on your order (up to 4000 points per order)
  4.   The GearBuck$ Redemption Value will appear under Step 4: Order Review

You may save your points to spend all at once (up to $40 worth per transaction) or you may use them incrementally.


GearUp2Go wants customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase, so all products have a 30 day guaranteed return policy.  The net result from the return will reduce your GearBuck$ point balance by that amount.


In order to earn or redeem your GearBuck$, you must first be a registered customer of *Registered users must be 18 years of age or older. Employees of and their immediate family who live in the same household are not eligible.  

GearBuck$ points are non-transferrable and we cannot offer you credit toward purchases made under another account or as a guest. You may have a maximum of 30,000 total GearBuck$ points accumulated at any time. Points are earned on merchandise only. Payments made by gift cards will be deducted from the merchandise total before points are accumulated. The purchaser of the gift card you are redeeming earned the GearBuck$ points.

*NOTE: S&B Filters is not part of the GearBuck$ Program...any purchase of S&B brand product will not get GearBuck$.