Polaris RZR/S/XP HI BOY Suicide Doors Black by Dragonfire


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Introducing the best door system to hit the market. Dragonfire Racing doors feature all light weight steel construction; bullet style hinges, hand welded, replaceable steel sides.
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SKU: 07-1000
Brand: Dragonfire Racing

Polaris RZR/S/XP HI BOY Suicide Doors Black by Dragonfire

Through years of testing, our RZR doors have gone through many changes and improvements in order to exceed customer needs and set them apart from the rest.We are proud to announce the release of our new HiBoy doors to our growing line of UTV products. This door has been specifically designed to provide the best possible protection for riders, while still looking stylish and maintaining simple yet effective function. Our HiBoy doors are made out of a re-enforced steel frame with three different anchor points to the RZR making these doors the toughest on the market! The outside aluminum skin and steel frame has a stylish multi-angle shape that flows seamlessly with the lines of your RZR without compromising the overall cockpit space. We use a high grade automotive style latch that has been re-worked to provide the best possible latching system on the market. The latch system includes a slam shut function and a built in locking mechanism for added safety while driving. Small touches like rubberized tube backing and captured lock-down hinges provide you with less trail noise to ensure that these doors will stay in excellent condition for years to come. With our attention to detail and continuous improvements we are sure that you will not find a better door for your RZR!

HiBoy RZR Doors Features:

  • Multi-Angle aluminum skin & steel frame for strength, style, and comfort
  • Removable door with captured lock-down hinges for convenience
  • 3 Point anchor system for added strength
  • Rubberized tube backing and bump stops for reduced trail noise
  • Specially designed slam shut automotive style latch with built in locking mechanism
  • Adjustable limit strap to keep door from damaging UTV plastic
  • Comes assembled and powder coated black (special colors available upon request)

2017 Fitments

  • 2017 RZR 570 /570 S

2016 Fitments

  • 2016 RZR 570

2015 Fitments

  • 2015 RZR 570

2014 Fitments

  • 2014 RZR XP 900
  • 2014 RZR 800
  • 2014 RZR 800 XC
  • 2014 RZR 800 S
  • 2014 RZR 570

2013 Fitments

  • 2013 RZR XP 900
  • 2013 RZR 800
  • 2013 RZR 800 S
  • 2013 RZR 570

2012 Fitments

  • 2012 RZR XP 900
  • 2012 RZR 800
  • 2012 RZR 800 S
  • 2012 RZR 570

2011 Fitments

  • 2011 RZR XP 900
  • 2011 RZR 800
  • 2011 RZR 800 S
  • 2011 RZR 570

2010 Fitments

  • 2010 RZR 800
  • 2010 RZR 800 S

2009 Fitments

  • 2009 RZR 800
  • 2009 RZR 800 S

2008 Fitments

  • 2008 RZR 800

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