Disc Plow for Kolpin DirtWorks System by Kolpin

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Five adjustable cutting angles to accommodate different soil types and conditions.
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Brand: Kolpin Powersports


Disc Plow for Kolpin DirtWorks System by Kolpin

The Disc Plow by Kolpin DirtWorks is a very versatile implement whether you utilize it for food plot preparation or just cutting up virgin ground.It incorporates eight,14.0" notched disc blades providing substantial ground penetration.

Disc Plow for Kolpin DirtWorks System Features:

  • Eight, 14.0" agricultural-grade,hardened steel notched disc blades
  • Two individual gangs of four discs provide a 54.0" cutting width
  • Five adjustable cutting angles to accommodate different soil types and conditions
  • Features a live axle with a sealed ball bearing design
  • Takes up hardly any storage space compared to many other models
  • Does not include the 3-Point Hitch System
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

2018 Fitments

  • 2018 General 1000

2017 Fitments

  • 2017 YXZ 1000
  • 2017 Wolverine
  • 2017 Viking
  • 2017 Viking VI
  • 2017 Teryx 4
  • 2017 Rubicon 500
  • 2017 Rincon 680
  • 2017 Recon 250
  • 2017 Rancher TRX 420
  • 2017 Pioneer 1000
  • 2017 Pioneer 1000 - 5
  • 2017 Pioneer 700
  • 2017 Pioneer 700 - 4
  • 2017 Pioneer 500
  • 2017 Outlander Max 650/850/1000
  • 2017 Outlander Max 450/570
  • 2017 Outlander 650/850/1000
  • 2017 Mule SX
  • 2017 Mule Pro-FX
  • 2017 Mule Pro-FXT
  • 2017 Mule Pro-DXT Diesel
  • 2017 Mule Pro-DX Diesel
  • 2017 Mule 4010 Trans
  • 2017 Mule 4000/4010
  • 2017 Maverick
  • 2017 Maverick Max
  • 2017 Kodiak 700
  • 2017 Grizzly 700
  • 2017 General 1000
  • 2017 Foreman 500
  • 2017 Defender
  • 2017 Commander Max
  • 2017 Commander 800/1000

2016 Fitments

  • 2016 Mule 4010 Trans
  • 2016 Mule 4000/4010
  • 2016 Mule 600/610
  • 2016 Maverick
  • 2016 Maverick Max
  • 2016 Kodiak 700
  • 2016 KingQuad 750
  • 2016 KingQuad 400/500
  • 2016 Grizzly 700
  • 2016 General 1000
  • 2016 Gator XUV 560
  • 2016 Gator XUV 560 S4
  • 2016 Gator XUV 550
  • 2016 Gator XUV 550 S4
  • 2016 Foreman 500
  • 2016 Defender
  • 2016 Commander Max
  • 2016 Commander 800/1000



Right Hand Orientation:   This is a top view of the Right Hand side of the Disc.  

NOTICE:  The side with the 2 – 3/8” hardware and the 5/8” bolt needs to be facing towards your ATV as shown below.   


Mounting Instructions:

1. Starting with the Right Hand side, attach the Spindle Bearings to the Main Bearing Carrier as shown below using the (8 of the 16) ½” Carriage Bolts and Nuts. Tighten securely. The bearings should be set as shown as this allow for the most room and helps to keep grass or debris from collecting in between the disc and bolts.


2. Now, attach the swivel bracket to the top of the Main Bearing Carrier. Using the (3 of the 6) 3/8” Hex Head Bolts, along with the 3/8” Washers and Nylock Nuts, tighten the swivel bracket securely. The bigger angle you choose to use on the Swivel Plate, the more aggressive the disc(s) will cut. Kolpin suggests using the 3rd hole from the left side of the Main Bearing Carrier (for the right hand side) as shown above.

3. Now, for the left hand side. The bearings go opposite that of the right hand side shown above. Using the rest of the (16) ½” Carriage bolts, tighten the bearing securely. The Left hand side should like exactly as shown below.


4. Next, attach the swivel bracket to the top of the Main Bearing Carrier.  Using the (3 of the 6) 3/8” Hex Bolts, along with the 3/8” Washers and Nylock Nuts, tighten the swivel bracket securely.  The larger angle you choose to use the more aggressive the disc(s) will cut.  Kolpin suggests using the 3rd hole from the right side of the Main Bearing Carrier (for the left hand side) as shown above. 

5.  Next, slide one disc onto the main axle. 


6.  Now, slide the full spindle over the main axle and up tight to the disc. 


7.  Then, slide on a second disc. 


8.  Now slide one of the large diameter spindles onto the axle. 


9. This next part proves to be a little tricky and may require the help of another person to help support the disc. The Main Bearing Carrier needs to go on the axle, but so do all the components sandwiched in the middle of the Bearing Carrier. First, start the Bearing Carrier onto the square axle (9a.). Next, the Small Diameter Spindle goes on so that the open end of the spindle is touching the bearing as shown (9b.). Then, set the disc on top of the Small Diameter Spindle and start lowering the assembly onto the axle (9c). Lastly, slide the Large Diameter Spindle onto the disc so that the flange is touching the disc, as shown below (9d.). Below is a broken down series of pictures to help illustrate how the assembly is to go together.



10.  Now that the Main Bearing Carrier is on, place the Small Diameter Spindle so that the open end is touching the bearing, as shown in the picture below. 


11.  Next, slide on the final Disc.  Then place the final Large Diameter Spindle on the Disc so that the flange is touching the Disc as shown below. 


12.  The final step is to secure the whole disc together.  Place the ¾” Washer and Nut onto the end and tighten the disc securely.  NOTE:  After the first use check the tightness of the system.  Usually after the first use the disc will become slightly loose as the metal components mesh together.  Retighten the system before each use, as a loose Disc will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the components. 


13.  Repeat steps for the opposite Disc! 

General Use and Maintenance:

- With proper care the DirtWorks Disc will give you many years of dependable service. After use we recommend that you clean off any mud, dirt or debris that might have accumulated on your implement. As with any ground engaging implement, paint scratches and worn paint will be evident after its first use. We recommend either painting exposed bare metal surfaces with any type of black spray paint intended for metal objects. Use of moisture displacing oils such as “WD40” should keep the implement from rusting also.

- Disc Plows or “Disc Harrows” as some in the industry call them are typically not used to “turn over” new ground, and it is recommended that if you have purchased the Disc Plow for new soil preparation that you allow extra time for working the soil to gain the desired results in the end. Disc Plows will cut established turf, but will require additional passes. We recommend removing as much of the grass and over growth as possible. When you get started, start with shallow cuts in the soil until you get a feel for how deep your ATV can handle cutting without over working your ATV’s Engine. You are better to make multiple cuts over the same area, than to try to make a single pass at a very deep cutting depth. This process of multiple passes will also result in better ground preparation and seed germination.

- The 14” Notched Discs are specially heat treated and sharpened to provide a durable cutting edge. You may experience a chipped disc edge at times; however, this doesn’t affect the Discs’ ability to cut. If a disc should “break” Kolpin recommends that you replace it immediately to prevent damage to the bearings or the main disc assembly.

Warranty Information:

The 14” Notched Disc and the Spindle Bearings are “Wear Items” and are not covered under the Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. warranty program. Kolpin does stock replacement parts for either item if in the event you should need a replacement. All other items listed are covered under our 1 year warranty. Contact Kolpin Customer Service for warranty information.


** Always use CAUTION when operating any ATV with accessories or additional implements secured to the ATV.

** DO NOT allow any passengers on the ATV.

** Excessive speeds can cause serious injuries or death. DO NOT exceed 5 mph when the “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” or any accessories are secured to your ATV.

** Keep hands and feet away from all “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” parts and implements.

** DO NOT use the “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” or any of its implements to carry a person.

** Follow manufactures maximum recommended towing capacities for your ATV.

** Stay away from all moving parts.

**Additional weight may be needed on the ATV to help provide proper weight distribution to the wheels for safety. Add weight to the opposite end of the ATV of which the “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” is secured.

**DO NOT place yourself or any parts of your body under, between or on any part of the “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” or its implements.

** Use CAUTION when removing and replacing either the “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” or its implements, they are heavy. Assistance may be required.

** As with any accessory secured to an ATV, additional weight from the “DirtWorks 3-Point Hitch” and its implements can reduce steering, breaking and overall handling of your ATV. Allow for increased breaking distances when stopping. Steering will be affected and it is advised to reduce speeds when doing any turning. Failure to use caution could result in an injury or death.

** DO NOT traverse on terrain that contains steep grades, as the ATV could overturn causing injury or death.


                                                                 THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING THE KOLPIN DIRTWORKS PRODUCTS!!!

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