Can Am Commander Half Fixed Windshield GP by Kolpin

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Commander Half Fixed Windshield KOL2707

177" General Purpose Polycarbonate

•Easy Installation.. No drilling required

•Extremely durable rubber cushioned loop clamps

•All hardware (nuts & bolts) are stainless steel with black-coated finish... No Rust!!

•Comes complete with all mounting hardware & detailed instructions


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SKU: KOL2707
Brand: Kolpin Powersports

Commander Half Fixed Windshield KOL2707

  • 177" General Purpose Polycarbonate
  • Easy Installation.. No drilling required
  • Extremely durable rubber cushioned loop clamps
  • All hardware (nuts & bolts) are stainless steel with black-coated finish... No Rust!!
  • Comes complete with all mounting hardware & detailed instructions
  • Trailerable
  • *Note: This product is oversized and $9.99 will be charged at the time of checkout.

    Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    2017 Fitments

    • 2017 Commander Max
    • 2017 Commander 800/1000

    2016 Fitments

    • 2016 Commander Max
    • 2016 Commander 800/1000

    2015 Fitments

    • 2015 Commander Max
    • 2015 Commander 800/1000

    2014 Fitments

    • 2014 Commander Max
    • 2014 Commander 800/1000

    2013 Fitments

    • 2013 Commander 800/1000

    2012 Fitments

    • 2012 Commander 800/1000

    2011 Fitments

    • 2011 Commander 800/1000



    • For proper installation, TWO people are required.
    • Torque specifications must be followed when tightening bolts. Over-tightening any and/or all screws will cause cracks around mounting holes which is not covered by any warranty. 
    • As specified on carton label, once protective film on shields is removed, product cannot be returned.
    • As specified on carton label, damage caused by packaging staples is not covered by warranty. All staples must be removed prior to removing product from carton.
    • Failure to follow these installation instructions completely may void any warrantable components and result in product damage or personal injury.
    • Do not use Loctite or any other similar fastener adhesive. These types of products react to plastics and cause cracking. Not covered by any warranty.
    • Our windshields are made from the highest quality material providing optimum transparency and clarity. 

    Blurriness and/or extrusion marks may or may not appear when looking through windshield from a wide, sideangle. This is normal for all extruded clear plastic materials.

    • The application of improper cleaners, abrasive and/or dirty cleaning towels can severely damage the product. Failure to follow cleaning recommendation (provided herewith) may void any warrantable components.


    These instructions contain important information for future reference and must be given to the customer at time of purchase or upon completion of installation.


    1. Installation a) To apply the co-extruded bulb seal (Item B) to the windshield (Item A), find a clean flat area where you can lay down the windshield. Partially remove the protective film on both sides and apply the co-extruded bulb seal using manual pressure to ensure good adhesion. (the seal has an internal steel wire structure, a wire cutter is required)


    b) Install the windshield to the vehicle using supplied hardware (Item C). Adjust the position of the windshield and tighten. Caution: over tightening any hardware could cause irreversible damage to the windshield.



    • Rinse with lukewarm water; wash gently with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or sponge. DO NOT SCRUB
    • or use brushes or squeegees.
    • Rinse again. Dry with soft cloth or moist cellulose sponge to prevent water spotting.
    • To remove wet paint, glazing compound or grease, rub lightly with a good grade of VM&P naphtha or isopropyl alcohol, then wash and
    • rinse. DO NOT USE GASOLINE.
    • NOTICE: Abusive cleaning procedures by hand washing or automated washing equipment will eventually result in visual hazing, loss of
    • light transmission and coating delamination.
    • Compatible Cleaning Agents
    • Aqueous Solution of Soaps and Detergents
    • Joy Freon T.F. Palmolive liquid Top Job VM&P grade Naphtha Windex (with ammonia D)

    For minimizing scratches and minor abrasions, mild automobile polish can be used.
    Recommended products: Johnson Paste Wax, Novus Plastic Polish #1 and #2, Mirror Glaze plastic polish and Plexux1.
    Testing polish on a separate Lexan sample is recommended. Be sure to follow product instructions carefully.

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