Arctic Cat TRV Overfenders by Kolpin

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Perfect for providing extra protection from flying debris and mud.Greatly enhances the look of your ATV.
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Brand: Kolpin Powersports


Arctic Cat TRV Overfenders by Kolpin

Kolpin ATV Overfenders keep the flying debris and mud off you ... and your Arctic Cat TRV. Their custom design follows the natural lines of the existing fenders, blending perfectly with your ATV's existing body styling. Once installed, they look like they came directly from the factory. Constructed of black, vacuum-formed HMW haircell polyethylene that provides rigidity, yet is flexible enough to withstand the potential abuse you can drum up!

Arctic Cat TRV Overfenders Features

  • Perfect for providing extra protection from flying debris and mud
  • Greatly enhances the look of your ATV
  • Ideal for use with larger tires and widening kits
  • Average extended width is 3.0"
  • Sold in set of four pieces with black mounting hardware
  • Installation requires drilling
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

2013 Fitments

  • 2013 Utility ATV 400/450/500/550/700/1000

2012 Fitments

  • 2012 Utility ATV 425/450/550/700/1000

2011 Fitments

  • 2011 Utility ATV 425/450/550/650/700/1000

2010 Fitments

  • 2010 Utility ATV 450/550/650/700

2009 Fitments

  • 2009 Utility ATV 250/300/500/550/700

2008 Fitments

  • 2008 Utility ATV 250/400/500/650/700

2007 Fitments

  • 2007 Utility ATV 250/400/500/650/700

2006 Fitments

  • 2006 Utility ATV 250/400/500/650



                                                                                            PARTS LIST 


                                                                                               INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 


        Applicable for following models  

        2006 models :

  • 400 4x4 Automatic TRV
  • 500 4x4 Automatic TRV 

        2007 models :

  • 400 4x4 Automatic TRV Plus
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic TRV Plus
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic LE TRV Plus 

        2008 models :

  • 500 4x4 Automatic TRV
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic TRV
  • 700 EFI 4x4 Automatic TRV
  • 700 EFI Cruiser 

        2009 models :

  • TRV 400
  • TRV 550 H1 EFI / LE
  • TRV 650 H1
  • TRV 1000 H1 EFI CRUISER 



       For rear left overfender: 


       STEP 1. Remove bolt and nut as shown by the arrow.

       STEP 2. Place overfenders in position using nuts and bolts supplied with overfender set into empty hole from previous step.

       STEP 3. Hold the overfender in proper position and drill a hole of ¼ inch diameter from under the fender using the overfender’s mounting holes as guide. Attach with                  supplied nuts and bolts. Repeat for all remaining mounting holes.

       STEP 4. Repeat step 1 thru 3 for all other overfender parts


                                                     WARNING - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS

       All risk of infiltration from underneath your vehicle can be eliminated by adding a silicone seal between the overfenders and the body of your ATV.

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